About Us

Langma School of Languages was established in the year 2007 to provide English as a Second Language (ESL) and foreign language training. However, today we’re more than a language school. We are a community of professional language trainers, students, and staff who believe in an active, communicative and student-centred teaching approach. Our distinctive courses in more than 150+ foreign languages have been designed as High-Intensity Language Training(HILT) programs to meet the requirements of international, national and local language learners.

Langma is India’s premier destination for foreign language courses. We have collaborations with Education and cultural Ministries of more than eight countries for Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, English, Arabic and Persian. Our programs are tailored to fit the needs of a learner. We believe in interactive learning and it helps a student to stay interested and enthusiastic throughout the course.

Langma School of Languages is a proud partner of ECL (“European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages”) through University of Pecs, Hungary.

Whether you are looking for a foreign language course, ESL English courses, or even professional trainers in foreign languages for your corporate needs, we have you covered.

We at Langma are committed to helping you discover which language program is right for you. At Langma you will benefit from our expertise of over 12 years in imparting foreign language training in Spanish, Mandarin, German, Japanese, French, Dutch, Italian, Korean and many more.

Since our inception, we have received a tremendous response from students/corporate/individuals for all most all languages. In a decade-long journey, we have added around 150 foreign language courses, and we will never stop our Endeavour from adding more.


Our mission is to strengthen the knowledge of world languages, especially those less commonly taught in India. We are committed to high-quality language training and related services to our students and corporate clients.

In pursuance of our mission, all faculty and staff at Langma School of Languages are committed to adhering the mission statement:

Maintaining high standards of performance and achievement

Promoting global communication and cross-cultural understanding

Using modern teaching techniques to fit the needs of students

Improving programs of study

Providing a comfortable and interactive learning environment


Creation of an inclusive community acquainted with linguistic and cultural diversity, unhindered in its efforts of propagating useful and meaningful communication.


We believe that the teacher should consider students’ needs since motivation and attitude are important factors for students learning a foreign language. We provide communicative and collaborative activities in which students can construct their learning instead of merely receiving knowledge from teachers. With a student-centred approach, students can build their language skills through interactions with other students in a task- and content-based environment. We engage each student in the learning process by playing as a ‘facilitator’ rather than just a transmitter’ of knowledge.