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Scope of foreign languages in India

Foreign languages in India offers a vast range of career options within the country. You can learn a foreign language, like German to find an attractive salary package in India. There is no lack of scope for foreign language experts in India.

Once you learn a foreign language, it opens the doorway for several career options. All major nations have their embassies and consulates in India. The possibility of getting a job at such places is very high.

India is also the IT hub, and numerous language translation work is available for the pursuant. We can safely presume that the scope of foreign language in India is immense if you learn the right language.

Foreign language job opportunities in India

India has emerged as a vibrant hub for the outsourcing work. A host of tasks are required to be done in a foreign language. Hence, the job opportunities in India for foreign language experts are immense.

Some of the vital areas include translation work, software development, foreign language tutoring and in the embassy of countries where they always require  foreign language speakers.

The key foreign languages that offer job opportunities in India include German, Mandarin (Chinese), Japanese, French, Korean and Spanish. As cited above, there is no lack of opportunities for well-paid jobs within India. Indeed,

if you decide to immigrate to another country, then you will be presented with even better career options.Thanks to globalisation and digital revolution there are a large number of job opportunities after doing a foreign language course in India.

Exciting full-time job opportunities exist in the private as well as government sectors. On the other hand, numerous ‘work from home’ options are also available to such candidates.

Some of the opportunities in a foreign language are:

  1. Hotels & Tourism related jobs with foreign language knowledge
  2. Translation tasks at government institutions
  3. Translation job at MNCs
  4. Instructors job in language schools or the faculty of foreign language school
  5. Freelance translator on permanent or ‘work from home’ basis
  6. Foreign language digital media management jobs – like jobs with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
  7. Online customer support services that can be done virtually – through chat or web call

Foreign language career salary in India

Chinese (Mandarin) is a foreign language that provides the highest salary in India. On average, the annual salary for a Chinese based job in India is Rs 11.9 lakhs.

A bilingual French-speaking professional was earning a salary of Rs 9.83 lakhs per annum.

Spanish professionals were the close third with an annual income of Rs 9.8 lakhs.

Those who learned the German language were offered Rs 9.51 lakhs every year.

The Japanese language is also a widely spoken language with a lot of international trade. If one could specialise in a Japanese language course with some professional add-on skill, then they could expect an annual average salary of Rs 5.73 lakhs.

The Dutch language can give an average earning of Rs 5.3 lakhs per annum.

One can expect a good career salary with proficiency in other foreign languages. Languages like Russian, Portuguese, and Korean also offers excellent career choices.

A career in a foreign language after school

Students who have completed school education can explore the prospects of learning a foreign language. Variety of jobs for foreign language experts are available if the candidate can strategise their approach correctly.

After 12th a candidate can pursue a course in a foreign language from a reputed institute. To begin with, one needs to do a beginner Level-01 course to establish the basics of a foreign language.

Once the basics are achieved, then it is time to get advanced certification in that language.Throughout the course, the candidate will achieve the necessary skills of reading, writing and speaking the language.

By the time one pursue the advanced course one can already start searching for appropriate job opportunities. Let’s say in six months you can learn and start a career in a foreign language after 12th.

Here we discuss about some of the famous languages- Japanese and German

The Japanese Language

The global economy offers an excellent scope of Japanese language professionals. A person who can learn the Japanese language opens the doorway for hundreds of job opportunities.

We can understand the scope of the language by knowing about the work options available. If you learn the Japanese language in India, then you can immigrate to Japan to find relevant jobs that match your skills.

Japan is a developed economy and currently reeling with population decline. One can hone their skills in Japanese and open the gates to an overseas job opportunity.

If you want to live and work within India then options are in the field of translation, software program development, social media management and jobs in the embassy.

Jobs in the Japanese language

Embassy Jobs: There are top job openings in the Japanese embassy for the candidates with appropriate skills. Embassies pay very well to its employees. 

Japanese translator: The scope of Japanese translation is available in government institutions, multinational corporations and the digital media. The choice to work full time or on a freelance basis is available in this field.

Japanese Language Instructor: A sizeable population in the world is taking an interest in learning Japanese. As the Japanese language is gaining popularity, there are options of becoming the Japanese language instructor. 

Customer Support Executive: One can virtually work from home in India and offer customer support services over the Internet and also through voice.

The German language

India and Germany share great historical ties with cultural influences ranging for several centuries. Moreover, German is the mother tongue of several European countries, increasing its commercial value.

It is widely spoken and understood. Several business activities are done in the German language. Therefore the scope of the German language as a career in India or abroad is immense.

Numerous German companies are operating out of India and they’re always in need of people with good German language. Jobs in customer support and IT-enabled services are finding a foothold in India.

If you are a professional in the making and want to expand your career scope, then you can learn the German language and expand your reach in terms of profile and income.

Jobs in the German language

To reduce cost and improve efficiency big companies are relocating their business or offshoring part of their operational tasks. German companies are also doing the same, and this phenomenon resulted in the availability of jobs based in India in the German language.

That is the reason why many young Indian students are keen to learn the German language through classroom and online course.

There are jobs in German language translation and similar data related jobs like content curating, proofreader, digital media specialist, and in several other profiles. If you can demonstrate your skills of the German language in a corporate environment, there is no lack of scope of jobs for you. 

Make sure that you learn these languages through a reputed institute like Langma and gain significant benefits of the same.
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