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Discover the Global Potential to Seamlessly Navigate through Langma Study International, as Your Gateway to pursue higher education abroad from Prestigious Institutions along with Expert Guidance.

Ensuring a Comprehensive Support to pursue Higher Education Abroad:

The Langma Study International, is an initiative of the Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd. , whose aim is to offer professional guidance for students seeking higher education in the UAE, Russia, Spain, France and Switzerland.

Go through a process of Tailored Counselling and a Thorough Document Review:

We provide a hassle-free, one-to-one counselling and a secured document review process, to ensure a smooth transition for the students. We also offer basic language training to eligible students who aspire to study abroad.

We are an Established Language Training Institution:

Our origin goes back to the beginning of the Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd. , founded in 2012, which initially focused on English Language training. But over the last ten years of our experience, we have developed a strong expertise to teach over 50+ languages, thereby aiming to enhance individual proficiency and fluency, empowering learners for success in diverse linguistic environments.

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What do we Offer?

  • Provide Best Assistance
  • Help in Proceeding through the Application Process
  • Guiding to choose the Right Institution as per your Eligibility
  • Counselling and Documentation
  • Language Training as per the Country/University


The Profession of a Doctor has always been highly demanding and widely respected in our society.Graduates in Medical Science can choose a varied range of practice areas for specialisation after completion of their course, some of which are like-

  • Cardiology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Plastic Surgery


Developing a career in Management is the most preferred and has a standout benefit in itself, as this field helps in the development of strong leadership skills. Students can pursue a lucrative career option in the corporate and service sector industries like;

  • Hotel Management, Tourism and Hospitality
  • Finance and Banking.
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  • Human Resource Management


Engineering has always been a highly demanding and dynamic field which has been widely preferred by students from the Background of Science. For engineering graduates, the career paths that have remained in high demand are;

  • Software and Web-Development
  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Web Developer


Science is itself a particular field, which consists of a range of different disciplines. A student can pursue career paths like;

  • Research and Academia
  • Technicians and Analysts
  • Technical Writing


Humanities, as a stream offers boundless opportunities after completion of both UG and PG Degrees. The main ethos of Humanities has always been aimed towards cultivating a ground for a strong logical and critical thinking, enhancing communication skills, and developing creativity. A graduate in Humanities can pursue innovative career paths like;

  • Education, Academia and Research
  • Communication and Public Relations
  • Non-Profit Sector and NGOs

Our Services

service -russia


Russia is known for its rich and noble legacy of medical and engineering education programs, offering students an unique blend of cutting-edge research, strong technical and field experience, and diverse cultural exposures, with a strong emphasis on practical skills, making it an ideal destination for aspiring professionals at an affordable tuition fees with a global exposure.

services spain


Spain is a vibrant and an affordable destination in the entire Europe, and Pursuing an academic degree from Spain gives a blended experience of academics, cultural immersion, industry exposure and a range of career opportunities. Also, Spain is a home to renowned Universities and Business Schools, that are known for providing globally recognized credentials, alongwith fostering personal growth and strong intellectual skills.

services france


France, with its iconic landmarks, rich history, and vibrant culture, captivates visitors with its unparalleled charm and sophistication, offering a blend of art, cuisine, and architecture that is both timeless and contemporary. Pursuing MBA courses in France offers attractive opportunities to students seeking top-tier business education in a dynamic European setting.


Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a dynamic metropolis in the heart of the UAE, dazzled with its futuristic skyline, luxurious lifestyle, and thriving business opportunities, offering a fusion of tradition and modernity amidst the desert sands. In Dubai, Hospitality, Data Analytics and Marketing & Designing courses thrive, providing cutting-edge skills in the heart of a global business hub, where innovation meets opportunity.

services switzerland


Switzerland is known for its stunning scenery, precision engineering, and delectable chocolates, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and economic prosperity. In Switzerland, Hospitality courses epitomize excellence, blending renowned Swiss hospitality traditions, shaping the world's finest hoteliers and hospitality professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The students can pursue any courses according to their eligibility. You can make a phone call by clicking on the Call To Action Button above or Fill Out the Form by Clicking at the Fill Form Button. You can also mail us IB@langmainternational.com or visit our Centre.

These Universities offer a range of different courses on different disciplines through different mediums, which a Student can choose according to their convenience.

In most of the cases, here at Study International we will ensure the scope and based on the requirement we will provide basic language training for the particular country, where the student will be willing to go.

Langma Study International arranges and helps a student to establish contact with the Educational Institution of the particular country and go through a probable counselling session where the student can interact with the officials of the University where they will be guided through the process of application.

The Counselling experts in Study International will guide the students in all the documentation process.

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