Spanish For Professionals

Spanish for Professionals programme is designed at Langma School of Languages to cater the specific business needs of professionals. Programme at Langma School of Languages are ideal for professionals who wish to pursue Spanish language in order to work in Spanish speaking countries or just need Spanish for their profession. Our teachers put more emphasis on teaching the basic language structures and it very practical and goal oriented. We tailor the programme organized according to the occupation: business and technology, service sector, office or social service professionals. Our teachers are native Spanish speakers, offers conceptualized and individualized instruction; therefore, leading the course content focused on exciting, development and expansion of professional language content.

Programme at Langma School of Languages, are tailored and can be pursued as their time and budget allow, whilst honouring their work and financial commitments. The programme at Langma School of Languages is especially dense and lead to a significant progress in the shortest time possible. One can go for certification of their Spanish language skills in internationally recognised standard tests such as DELE or SIELE. Learning a language at Langma School of Languages is not restricted to language, it is also about cultural idiosyncrasies. We have successfully imparted the knowledge of Spanish language in corporate houses, government bodies and embassies. The most common components are in this course:-

Communication skills - Meeting, Telephoning, Marketing, Business ethics, Corporate culture, Presentation, Marketing, Business writing, Business vocabulary, Idioms and phrases, Listening, Grammar, Pronunciation.

Langma School of Languages (Spanish for Professionals) main strategies are to improve all the four language skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking). However, we emphasise more on listening and speaking because Spanish speaking countries dominate the tourism and manufacturing industries.

Who can attend this course?

We offer an extensive range of workplace communication skills programmes and workshops:-

 Spoken and written Spanish skills for managers and supervisors.

 Spoken Spanish skills for customer service staff.

 Workplace Spanish language skills for administration and secretaries.

 Business writing skills for marketing staff and managers.

 Hotel and restaurants communication skills courses for F&B staff, marketing staff, IT staff and housekeeping staff.

 Professional presentation skills for senior staff.

 Effective E-mail, Proposal, memos, letters and report skills for various industries.

The above courses serve as a reference only. Actual courses are tailored according to the specific needs of professionals. We are always happy to discuss and recommend a programme to meet your individual needs.


(2 hours/session)
Intermediate (B2)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 delegates


 The strategy is communicated to all students to help ensure that all achieve their language learning objectives.

 Maximum number of students for group classes is 10 students to ensure the learning process is more effective; however,, can facilitate more students if there is demand and space allows.

 Langma School of Languages will design a programme which specifically reflects your or the group’s needs and interests. The course objectives and goals will be defined in advance, and agreed upon before the commencement of the programme.

 Classes are focused and designed to help the professionals to recognise the art of communication for both written and oral. Our native teachers have an in-depth and up to date knowledge of the state exams with focus on maximising each student’s potential.

 Our programme is built around the need of professionals with a focus on learning, tailored for each individual and includes self study strategies. Continuous feedback throughout to ensure that there is real progression in the lead up to the real life scenarios.

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Our overall goals as we work with our students and professionals are to improve their workplace performance by helping them to attain a higher standard of proficiency and confidence in their use of Spanish language. That will enable them to develop their business and to develop a more professional rapport with native Spanish speaking clients.

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