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More than 80 million people worldwide speak Korean, which is the official language of both North and South Korea and is spoken by Korean communities all over the world. King Sejong, a wise man, created a distinctive native alphabet for Korean in the fifteenth century. On October 9th in South Korea and January 15th in North Korea, respectively, is Hangul Day, also known as Hangul Proclamation Day and Korean Alphabet Day. Simply a day to honour the invention of the language! Langma School of languages provides Korean language course with the help of qualified and experienced faculty with interactive activities. We provide online Korean language course to master the language from the experts within the comfort of your home.

Despite having several dialects, the language is largely spoken and understood worldwide. The Language is spoken by 65 million people worldwide, 45 million of whom live in South Korea. The language is regarded as one of the best and most carefully constructed in human history.  The capital of South Korea is Seoul. There is plenty to do there. Shopping stands are open during the night. There is always something to do anytime of the day. Langma School of languages is a leading Korean language institute to offer the language with flexible time-slots and full of amenities like audio-visual technology and expert faculty. Langma School of languages delivers Korean language classes for all the levels and the learning environment is motivating and exciting...

Relationships are the cornerstone of Korean business, even major firms are sometimes run by families, with surviving family members serving in senior roles. In Korean culture, eating and dining out are significant components that are used to foster relationships. Being gregarious will help you create good relationships for both business and pleasure, which are intertwined. Langma School of languages provides Korean speaking course to impart knowledge and skills to the students to speak Korean fluently. Langma provides Korean language classes in an efficient manner providing placement assistance in India and abroad.

Additionally, learning the language might help you stand out in the cutthroat international employment market. Learning the language is worthwhile because of South Korea's amazing people, lyrical language, dynamic culture, geopolitical significance and technical progress. Langma School of languages provides Korean speaking classes to develop the communication skills of the students so as to hold conversations with the natives. Langma provides Korean language classes to help the students get connected with the global community.

There are about 2.5 million speakers in China, nearly 2 million in the United States, and about 800,000 in Japan, according to a recent research report from South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, it has a substantial population in countries like Australia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Brazil, Russia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Canada and others. You may reach 80 million individuals worldwide by learning Korean. Langma School of languages offers Korean language course in well-prepared manner. We deliver Korean language classes to help students be fluent and hold discussions with the native speakers.

You can boost your career opportunities. South Korea's economy, which is listed as the 7th largest export economy globally, has remained one of Asia's most productive ones. Globalization has led to the integration of the international economies through substantial technological advancement and the emergence of the internet. Numerous South Korean multinational corporations are expanding into the sizable Indian market. Knowing Korean will improve your economic prospects should you want to invest in or do business with such organisations given the rise of Korean businesses and services. Langma School of languages is a top most Korean language institution offering quality education as per global standards. We offer Korean language classes with interactive activities and lots of language practice.

The learning of the Korean language will provide you the opportunity to experience some of this rich culture. Unquestionably, South Korea has a vibrant film, music, and television industry with millions of fans all over the world. Understanding Korean can help you enjoy your favourite K-drama, K-pop music, movies, and interviews. Langma celebrates Hanguel Day to celebrate the invention of Korean language. We offer Korean language course as per the needs and requirements of the students. Langma provides online Korean language course to help you master the language and become fluent speakers.

The popularity and growth of South Korea's cultural economy, which exports pop culture, movies, music, TV shows, and entertainment, are known as the "Korean Wave." Hallyu is the term used to describe the incredible expansion of Korean culture, which now encompasses everything from music to movies, TV series, Korean cuisine, and online gaming. You may have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse yourself in its vibrant culture and discover an entirely new universe. The nation is the only one in the world to actively promote cultural exports. Because of its extraordinary popularity and power, Korean is one of the few languages that is the most fascinating in terms of cultural features and entertainment. Langma School of languages is a topmost Korean language institute providing classes in a comfortable environment which fosters learning and growth. We provide Korean language classes with professional faculty to make your language learning effective.

Applying and working as an interpreter is one of the favourite careers you may accomplish with your ability in Korean. These positions are available at multinational corporations, businesses engaged in international trade, foreign embassies, and some translation services. You'll discover that many businesses are actively looking for someone with this knowledge. Langma provides Korean language course in a fun and interactive environment to help you become fluent speakers.

The benefits of learning Korean on the brain - Did you realise that learning Korean enlightens you? The good news is that extensive research has demonstrated that learning a language aids in the battle against Alzheimer's disease and slows down the consequences of brain ageing. Your intellect will be stimulated by learning the Korean language. Growing intellectually makes it easier to multitask and sharpens your memory. It takes place because learning a foreign language keeps your brain engaged and in good shape. Langma School of languages is a premier Korean language institute offering quality education. It delivers Korean language classes with lots of practice activities to develop your communication skills.

We provide cultural activities along with Korean language teaching. To get more information please click on our courses. We provide corporate training and train the trainer courses as well.


Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching Korean online. You will learn and practice Korean at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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