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The Thai language is called Siamese. The main spoken and literary language of Thailand belongs to the Tai language family of Southeast Asia. It is found largely in the dialect of Bangkok and its suburbs in the central region of the country but retains definite consonant distinctions (such as l versus r, kl versus k), which are usually combined in the spoken language but preserved in the orthography.

In Thailand, many people can speak or appreciate English but being able to speak Thai opens up the world for you. The Thai may seem somewhat boring and confusing but once you learn Thai language the basics everything will fall into place naturally. You start to attract the Thai language from your surroundings from the street signs and notices and menus – without much effort. It is more of a lifestyle language, like Italian or Swedish – immense if you want to enjoy living in this beautiful country as it has so much beauty and joy to be extracted; the ordinary landscape, rich in cultural tradition, healthy food practices, peaceful background and the peaceful smiley individuals will make you feel at home in this “Amazing Thailand”...

At Langma School of Languages, students can go for Thai language courses. In this particular course, individuals can learn the basic elements of grammar, conversation practice, writing, reading, and listening practices will be done with the expert trainer. Strong stress made on communication ability. Students are being introduced to Thai consonants and their names, consonant classes, vowel symbols, etc. After completing the Thai course, the learners will be able to fulfill to satisfy routine travel needs and minimum consideration requirements like ordering simple meals, asking for shelter or lodging, simple directions, making purchases, etc.

After going through spoken Thai classes, the language proficiency of learners will be as follows: Ability to enquire and answer questions on day-to-day topics. Ability to realize simple questions and statements, allowing for slowed speech, repetition, or paraphrasing, and ability to express the most elementary needs.


Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching Thai online. You will learn and practice Thai at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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