Langma's refund policy is applicable in the following cases only:

1. For international students, in case of urgency, going back to their country for personal or health-related problems/issues, by showing their air tickets, medical reports, etc.

2. For Indian students, shifting overseas by showing an appointment letter for the respective jobs.

3. The percentage of refundable amount is 72% in case the learner has not taken or started with the course within one week from the date of registration.

4. In case the student needs to take his enrolment back in between his/her ongoing course (because of 1 or 2), then the refundable amount will be given? after deducting the charges of GST, course material, 10% of amenities and classes are taken.

Below table is for the representation only.

The fee paid for the course: Rs. 18,500

Amount to be deducted

GST (18%) Rs. 3,330
Course material Rs. 2,000
Cancellation Charges Rs. 4,609
Amenities used (10%) Rs. 1,850
Classes are taken (20hrs) Rs. 4,528
Total deduction Rs. 16,317

Total refundable amount: Rs. 2,183

Note: The refund is not applicable if the trainer is assigned to the student for online sessions with the allotted time slot.

5. The amount will be refunded within 20 days after submitting the entire details and documents with a written application at the office of LANGMA SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES PVT LTD.

6. LANGMA SCHOOL OF LANGUAGES PVT LTD is not obligated to make refunds to students who are terminated due to violation of institution's has written, disciplinary and/or attendance policies or local, state, or union laws.