These are the terms & conditions governed and adopted at Langma School of Languages that binds the student and school when a student enrols in a programme.

Admission criteria

  1. The main aim of the Admission policy of Langma School of Languages is to admit students irrespective of social, racial, religious, and other considerations.
  2. Application for admission can be made directly at Langma School of Languages. Application forms are available from reception or by contacting the counselling desk.

Students enrolling in any programme must:

  1. Have the interest to pursue the programme 
  2. Have completed the application form 
  3. Be in possession of a valid ID card or passport 
  4. Have taken the placement test

Students, who are applying for a programme, are required to make the payment before the programme commences in order to reserve a place

Programme placement and Induction

  1. Students must attend an induction session after the enrolment which is intended to introduce to key personnel, programme and certification information. The students will also be informed about the punctuality policy and other rules of the Langma School of Languages. Students’ Liaison Officer would inform about their timetable and information about the Certification Test.
  2. The Placement of a student at a particular level is made by Langma School of Languages on the basis of written test and a short interview, since Langma’s responsibility is to assign students appropriate level and the students hereby must accept and acknowledge that. 
  3. Langma School of Languages employs its reasonable endeavours to accommodate students in regards to their study level; any change to the student’s level is based on formative and summative assessment and at Langma’s absolute discretion.  
  4. Langma School of Languages assures that there are no more than 10 students in any programme including intensive and extensive training sessions.

Assessments and Examinations

  1. Langma School of Languages offers ongoing formative and summative assessments throughout all programmes. Our teachers at Langma School of Languages incorporate authentic and official exam preparation contents into their classes and offer guidelines for self-study.
  2. The students must sign an agreement that they understand the exam is mandatory in order to obtain a certificate; therefore, they must sit in the exam.
  3. The counselling desk will inform the students of registration closing dates for the respective exams. Students are requested to submit their details to the Student Liaison Officer in writing ( and then deposit the examination fee at the counselling desk 15 days prior to the exam. The programme fee does not cover the exam fee. However, it is Langma’s responsibility and procedure to inform prospective students about the exam.

Langma School of Languages prepares and registers students for the following exams:

  2. GOETHE, TELC (German)
  3. DELF, TEF, DALF, TCF (French)
  4. SIELE, DELE (Spanish)
  5. CILS, CELI (Italian) 
  6. TORFL (Russian) 
  7. CAPLE (Portuguese) 
  8. HSK (Chinese)
  9. li>TOPIK (Korean)
  10. JLPT (Japanese) 

Holiday and Unscheduled Leave

  1. There are no classes held on a public holiday; nevertheless, Langma School of Languages makes all reasonable endeavours to offer extra sessions in case students classes fall on public holidays. 
  2. No unauthorised leave are permitted except in the documented cases of health complications, close family bereavement, or legal issues, In these circumstances, students are advised to apply for the leave in writing to the Director of Academics (, precisely state the duration of leave and submit the relevant documents. The Director of Academics will review the situation and decision would be sent through the mail. 
  3. Students, who are sick must phone or e-mail the counselling desk that they cannot attend the class (this must be done every day until they return to the class). When the student returns to class, they are advised to present a doctor’s prescription in case they have missed more than 2 days. However, failure to present the doctor’s prescription for the absence may result in disciplinary action taken against them.

Attendance, Punctuality, Safety and Behavioural Policy

  1. Langma School of Languages makes all reasonable endeavours to set and maintain timetable and decorum of the classroom. Langma School of Languages does not hold any obligation to reschedule the classes or organise extra classes to make up for any classes the student has missed and the student must honour the policy. 
  2. Students are advised to be in class on time, one will receive 15 minutes grace period where students can attend the class. After the grace period, students may not be permitted to enter the class. 
  3. Students’ frequent absence will be notified immediately verbally. If the situation remains the same until 2 weeks, a written warning is issued. If the issue is not addressed in the following weeks, Langma School of Languages will issue a final warning informing the possible expulsion. Expelled students are not entitled to apply for refund or readmission.
  4. Langma School of Languages promotes an environment congenial to learning; therefore, bullying, discrimination, and victimisation cannot be tolerated. Langma School of Languages premises operate zero tolerance for aggression; this includes both physical and verbal acts of aggression. 
  5. Students are not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes to consume any intoxication on the school premises; they are not allowed to attend any classes if they are found to be under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating substances. 
  6. Students are liable for any damage caused by them to the property of Langma School of Languages and payment for such damage must be made immediately. 

Payment methods

  1. Langma School of Languages accepts the payment of the programme through Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card, and Cheque.
  2. The full fee must be submitted before commencing the programme 
  3. When Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit is chosen as the mode of payment, an additional 2% would be charged and GST is exclusive. 

Langma School of Languages Bank details as follows: 

  1. Account Name: Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd.
  2. Account Number: 50200003479232
  3. IFSC: HDFC0000319
  4. IBAN: GB58CHAS60924211135191
  5. Swift Code: HDFCINBB
  6. Bank: HDFC Bank Ltd.
  7. Branch: South Extension Part- 2