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Italian is a romance language since it belongs to the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family, which is in the Romance group linguistically. The Italian peninsula, southern Switzerland, San Marino, Sicily, Corsica, northern Sardinia, the northeastern Adriatic Sea shore, as well as North and South America, are the main locations where it is spoken. Italian is a direct descendant of the Latin that the Romans used and imposed on the peoples under their rule, like the other Romance languages. But Italian is distinct from the other main Romance languages in that it still closely resembles Latin. It is now regarded as a single language with numerous dialects.

It is the second most widely used language in the European Union, especially among native speakers, with a total of 67 million speakers. Along with being the working language of the Council of Europe, this language serves as the official language of the European Organization for Security and Cooperation. It is also widely used in the Roman Catholic hierarchy and is the official language of the independent military order of Malta...


Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching Italian online. You will learn and practice Italian at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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