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Italian is a romance language since it belongs to the Italic subfamily of the Indo-European language family which is in the Romance group linguistically. The Italian peninsula, southern Switzerland, San Marino, Sicily, Corsica, northern Sardinia, the northeastern Adriatic Sea shore as well as North and South America, are the main locations where it is spoken. Italian is a direct descendant of the Latin that the Romans used and imposed on the peoples under their rule, like the other Romance languages. But Italian is distinct from the other main Romance languages in that it still closely resembles Latin. It is now regarded as a single language with numerous dialects.

It is the second most widely used language in the European Union, especially among native speakers, with a total of 67 million speakers. Along with being the working language of the Council of Europe, this language serves as the official language of the European Organization for Security and Cooperation. It is also widely used in the Roman Catholic hierarchy and is the official language of the independent military order of Malta.

The English ABC is comparable to the Italian ABC. So while you won't encounter any unusual letters, they do sound different from English. The Italian alphabet comprises 21 letters total, including 16 consonants and five vowels (a, e, I o, and u). Italian has constant pronunciation standards, in contrast to many other languages. Most words are spoken in the same manner as they are written. Once you understand the rules, you'll be able to talk and read with confidence because there aren't many exceptions.

Additionally, you'll note that double letters are pronounced loudly and with more emphasis. All letters are pronounced the same regardless of where they are in the word except for c, g (which is determined by the vowel that comes after it) and s, z. (they can be voiced). J, K, W, X, and Y are uncommon letters that are only encountered in words of English origin...

Italian sentences follow the Subject-Verb-Object structure, much as English sentences do. By changing the words, you can translate statements from English into Italian. Additionally, you'll see that there are no restrictions on where additional words can go in a sentence.

Verbs - Depending on how the infinitive ends, Italian verbs fall into one of three main categories. These verbs end in -are, -ere, or -ire. You must learn the conjugation rules for each group. Adjectives - Adjectives are very important in the descriptive nature of Italian. An adjective has a variety of forms and agrees with the noun in gender and number from a grammatical perspective. You've probably heard some common Italian greetings like ciao, arrivederci, and buongiorno. Start with the most popular Italian terms you may use every day if you want to fast increase your vocabulary. Put these into practice, and you'll soon find yourself speaking with assurance.

Advantages / Benefits of learning Italian language

Traveling - Italy has a lot to offer, whether you are a tourist or an entrepreneur, aside from being the language of romance. There is much to see, from landscapes to historic buildings to interesting beaches, but English is only spoken in popular tourist destinations like Milan, Venice, Rome, and Florence. You can go on trips to the less well-known, interesting spots if you speak Italian. Speaking the language will make your travel experience much more enjoyable and genuine.

Business - Italy is a hub for business. The most important industries in the nation are jewels, electronics, vehicles, and fashion. As a result, mastering the language might help you identify business partners and seize investment opportunities.

Culture - Aside from business, Italy is home to notable individuals like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Fellini as well as the Renaissance, opera, and distinctive cuisine. Speaking Italian will be helpful if you want to have an authentic experience, such as going to Lombardia without a guide.

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, and the country's tourist business is flourishing. If you enjoy Italian food, studying the language will help you appreciate the cuisine of this highly valued nation. If you speak Italian, thus you are no longer required to ponder the items on an Italian restaurant's menu.

Learning Italian will make it simpler for you to learn other Romance languages like French, Portuguese, and Spanish. The verb tenses of the Italian language are closer to those of the English language, but its vocabulary is most similar to that of the French language.

There are numerous chances in the embassy, BPO, IT, tourist, hotel, and other industries. Additionally, you can work from home as a freelance content writer, translator, instructor of Italian language courses online, and editor. Italian has 90 million speakers worldwide and is considered to be a niche language based on its popularity and demand. Additionally, learning it will make you one of the few Italian speakers, making you stand out.

Italian language is usually impressive on a resume and may raise your value as a candidate for a job. You have a lot of study options in Italian-speaking countries if you know the Italian language. You can establish and maintain relationships with native Italian speakers by learning the language. When you make one a close buddy, your life will be altered.

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Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching Italian online. You will learn and practice Italian at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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