Make use of our transcription services and get ready to capture more value from your recorded audio and video.

Langma International works with a mission to provide accurate transcription and transaction solutions for students, writers and for various types of business sectors. With years of experience, we have expanded our reach to assist government institutions and nonprofit organizations to universities. We have now become the trusted partner to thousands of our clients in India as well as across the globe.

We work with a team of experienced people who will provide professional transcription and translation services with more than 99% accuracy guarantee for high-quality audio files. Our translation and transcription services are offered to our clients at affordable rates with quick turnaround times. We work with a mission to deliver the best quality work to our clients through transparency, commitment, dedication, and integrity.

Importance of Transcription Services

Transcription is the art of creating a text version of audio and video. Say, if you are listening to a seminar, online class podcast or meeting where you cannot listen to your favourite content creator, because of language, as you have no other way of knowing what the audio and video is all about. So what would you do? Yes, you’re right! A transcript comes in hand and you will get it from professional Transcription Services, right! Langma International has been providing the right services to transcribe the audio into text.

Who We Are ?

Our trained experts are highly professionals in both audio and copy typing transcription services. We have transcribed: audio CDs, handwritten journals, PDF files, cassette tape recordings, video interviews, podcasts, government meetings, conference calls, focus groups, and much more.

Anyone can use our transcription services who require a single file or documents which needs to be transcribed. We serve both large Fortune 100 clients and small businesses with their ongoing transcription service needs. We’ve worked for numerous universities, large corporations, small real estate firms, and Fortune 100 companies. Our online transcribing services are really easy to use and can be customized to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

What Kind of Transcription Services We Provide?

With the aim to provide the best transcription service, we accept all types of materials including audio and video of varying sizes. We provide transcription services for

  1. Academic Transcription Services
  2. Meeting in Minutes Transcription Services
  3. Book Transcription Services
  4. Media Transcription Services
  5. Seminar Transcription Services
  1. Conference Call Transcription Services
  2. Video to Text Transcription Services
  3. Thesis Transcription Services
  4. Financial Transcription Services
  5. Webcast Transcription Services

Our professional transcribers offer 99% accuracy in all transcripts. Before submitting the final transcript, all our works are reviewed and proofread by our senior and professional transcriptionists to ensure a high level of accuracy.

Get Help from Langma Experts !

If you’re looking to get a transcription service for your business or academic purpose, then please contact us today! We provide high-quality transcription services to transcribe your audio and video file. For more info, contact us today!