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Germany is one of the leading trading countries in the Europe Union and is a developed country. It has the largest national economy in Europe, the fourth-largest by nominal GDP in the world after the United States, China, and Japan, and fifth by GDP after U.S., China, Japan, India, and Germany. German is the inception place of Adidas, Audi, Audi, Siemens, Lufthansa, and many more.

German is a West Germanic language. German belongs to the Indo-European language family, along with Dutch (Flemish, Netherlandic), Frisian, and English. The Germanic languages are categorized into 3 branches, West Germanic, North Germanic, and East Germanic. The West Germanic languages have undergone extensive dialectal sub-cauterization and are now represented in modern languages such as German, Dutch, English, Afrikaans, Yiddish, and others......

German is mainly spoken in central European countries. Some of the German-speaking countries are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg, etc.  German is the official language of Germany and Austria. It is also one of the official languages of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. German has more than 90 million native speakers and more than 15 million second-language speakers all over the world. German is one of the main cultural languages of the Western world and is widely studied as a foreign language.

Germanic languages came into existence with their speakers’ first-time contact with the Romans in the 1st century BCE. For many centuries, there was only a single Germanic language with minor dialect differences. After the 6th century CE, one can speak German (High German) language.

German Language Alphabet - The German Alphabet has four more letters than the English Alphabet. German alphabet has a different pronunciation. The German language has twenty-six letters of the English alphabet and extra four letters ä, ö, ü, and ß. All German letters have lower and uppercase except ß. No word can start with the letter ß. The German language is a more consistent phonetic language than English.

German is an inflected language with 4 cases for nouns, pronouns, and adjectives (nominative, accusative, genitive, and dative), 3 genders (masculine, feminine, and neuter), and strong and weak verbs. There are many dialects of the German language; most of them belong to either Low or High German dialectal groups. Low and High dialects have main differences in the sound system of consonants. High German is the official written language of Germany and the language of the southern highlands of Germany. Some of the main dialects of the German language are given below-

  1. High German
  2. Low German
  3. Middle German
  4. Bavarian-Austrian German
  5. Frisian German
  6. Frankish German
  7. Alemannic German

Germany has many world-class universities so it is well-known for higher studies. German is also very advanced technologically in the world. So lots of people all over the world choose Germany for higher studies and job opportunities. The German language is required for both students studying in Germany and for working professionals to work in Germany. If you are a German language expert then it opens doors for German and other European companies in India too.

Many German institutes offer the German language online and offline. Langma School of Languages is one of the best German language institutes in India. We offer basic German language courses for beginners, students, working professionals, and kids up to advanced. We teach you German A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, to C2 courses online and offline. Online German language courses will save you time and money. You can choose a German course in weekday and weekend batches according to your time availability. You can also choose one-to-one and group batches as per your budget. We have experienced and certified German language trainers that help students in learning German language from the basic to the advanced level. Our German tutors focus on all the required parameters of German-speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills. The German language teaching methods of our teachers are amazing .They help to learn German for beginners easily, otherwise learning German for beginners is tough. So if you are searching for the best course to learn German then join our classes for German language now. We also provide offline and online German language courses with a certificate and German language coaching classes for German language international exam preparation.

German Language Course by Level

Basic German Language Courses

German Language A1 course

German A1 course is basic German for beginners. You can understand and use most daily expressions and can make simple sentences for everyday conversation. You will learn how to introduce yourselves, and ask for the introduction of other people. Where they live, how they are etc. are some examples of questions and answers that you can ask and give answers to someone. You can start communicating simple sentences slowly and clearly.

German language A2 course

The German A2 course is a basic-level course in German language. You can understand and use expressions related to topics that are related to situations of a person such as personal details, information about family members, work, surroundings, shopping, education, etc. You can understand simple and direct exchanges of information related to common and simple topics. You can explain things about education, surrounding, and family background in a simple way. You can also learn German b1 online courses with us.

Intermediate German Language Courses

German Language B1 Course

German B1 course is an intermediate-level course in German language. You can understand the main things in German when the standard language is used and the main focus is on popular topics related to school, travel, work, etc. You can handle German culture and regional situations in German. You can explain the area of interest and familiar topics simply and coherently. You can speak and write your views on events, hopes, goals, dreams, and experiences and also make a short statement.

German Language B2 Course

German B2 course is an intermediate course in German language. You can understand the content of abstract and concrete topics, discussions in specialization areas, etc. You can also talk with native speakers fluently in a normal way. You can also express yourself on various topics in a lucid and complete way, with drawbacks and advantages of various options.

Advanced German Language Courses

German language C1 course

German C1 course is an advanced course in German. You can understand challenging texts in the German language and also know implicit meanings. You can express yourself fluently and in a flow without thinking and searching for words. You can use the German language in professional and social life, college, and studies. You can start making complex, detailed sentences on topics and use various meanings and figurative senses, etc.

German Language C2 Course

German C2 course is an advanced course in German language. After completing C2 you will be fluent in German-speaking just like natives. Level C2 German learning classes will be held by German native trainers. It could be German online training or offline if possible depending on availability.

Now you can able to understand everything easily and practically in the German language speaking with someone and reading German. You can read and summarize in German from various written sources, spoken sources, audio, video, etc. You can make finer nuances clearly in complex text and topics.

German Language Certification Course

Certification is a must in any language to show proof of skills. If you are looking for German language certificate course then learn German with certificate from the Langma School of Languages. Our German courses are German language courses with certificates online. You can join German courses online with a certificate and can get a German language certificate online.

Benefits of Learning German from Langma School of Languages

Langma School of Languages is the leading German language institute in India. We are providing German language classes online and offline. Some of the main advantages of German language learning are given below-

  1. We offer customizable German Classes online and in classroom sessions according to your needs
  2. Well Educated and experienced German Trainers
  3. Learn German with activities based methods
  4. Our German-speaking classes help to learn speak German
  5. Learn German online course with us to save time and money
  6. Our online mode helps you avoid nearby German language classes

Reasons for Learning German Language

Help in Business –German will improve your communication, and relations, and grow business with German business partners.

International Career Exposure –Learning and expertise in the German language opens new job opportunities in German companies in your country, German, Europe Union, and other countries in the world.

Hospitality and Tourism industry –Lots of People from German-speaking countries travel worldwide and spend a lot of money. They prefer German-speaking people as tour guides and look after.

Science and Research – German is the 2nd language that is used in the scientific domain. Germany is the third contributor to research & development. It offers research fellowships to scientists from around the world.

Communication – Multilingual people are required in information and communication technology, media, news agencies, etc. Germany stands at 5th number in the Annual publication of new books and there are a lot of websites in the German language. So you can get information and read them.

Cultural understanding- By learning German, you can get the details about the way of living, dreams, hope, news, culture, etc. of the people in German-speaking countries to expand and improve your standards.

Tour and Travel - After learning German, you can travel to Germany, Europe Union countries, and many other German-speaking countries in the world.

Enjoy Music, Art, Literature, and Philosophy - By learning German, you can understand and enjoy Goethe, Mozart, Bach, Kafka, Beethoven, etc. All of these are in the German language.

Open Work and Study option in German - Germany provides educational for foreigners who study in Germany such as scholarships; special visas for professionals and skilled workers; working holiday visas for the youth of many countries etc.

Exchange programs - Germany has students exchange agreements with various countries around the world.

Our online German classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching German. You will learn German online and practice at your convenience without stepping out of your home or office. German language course at Langma School of Languages is in line with international standards. Below are a few features of our online German courses.

 Face-to-face learning
 Interactive online whiteboard
 Interactive audio and video
 Messaging and conversation mode
 Private and group classes
 Classroom interaction features like hand raising and virtual ticks hand raising and virtual ticks
 File and media sharing
 Custom branding
 Class review
 Class recordings

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