Langma School of Languages in India is a full servicetranslation company that specializes in offering a wide range of linguisticsolutions for our clients globally. We stand ahead of our competitors byproviding accurate and complete professional translation services with themost reasonable rates in the industry.

Are you looking for a complete website transaction orinterpretation services? Contact Langma International today! Our linguisticexperts can help you to communicate clearly, no matter whatever the situationor the requirements are. Whether you need website translation or interpretationservices, our linguist experts can help you communicate clearly andefficiently, no matter the situation or requirements. We will always do ourbest to bridge the language barrier which our clients face in their businesscommunity.

What We Do?

With a team of professionally trained linguisticexperts, our company is well equipped and qualified to deliver the besttranslation services on time which meet the highest quality standards. Ourareas of translation services include:

List Groups - Numbered

  1. Marketing Translation
  2. Medical Translation
  3. Legal Translation Services
  4. Technical Translation Services
  5. Commercial Translation
  6. Translation of Financial Statements
  7. Englishto Arabic Translation

How We Do?

Being a certified translation company we specializedin offering translation services for all companies of various sizes. Bycovering more than 150+ languages of translation services, we serve the clientsworldwide. We extend our high-quality translation services to small, medium andlarge-sized enterprises to get their documents translated into a local languageor any other understandable language.

Our team havehands-on experience and professional approach in assisting clients from manycountries including – Saudi Arabia, Germany, Dubai and also clients from otherEuropean & Asian Countries. We have done a lot of translation for ourclients and our success portfolio includes the translation work of – English toArabic, German, French, Hindi, Urdu, etc.

With the aim of providing the best translationservices for you, we work with a team of multi-tiered quality assurance toensure that each of our translated content is up to the mark and to assure thatit will meet the client expectation and industry standards. From the start ofinitial project assessment to proof reading and editing, our team is committedto delivering the best personalized course.

If you want your content to be translated by a fluent,native speaker, then get in touch with Langma School today. We work with a teamof highly capable and professional linguistic experts, who specialize in translatingthe content of in any format.

With us, you can besure of an honest and transparent service, no matter the type, or scope of yourrequirements. For more information about our services, please feel free tocontact us today. We have a team of dedicated customer support people who areready to answer your questions.