Langma School of Languages was founded with a vision of imparting knowledge of languages (International & Regional). However, since its establishment, it has evolved and expanded its horizons. Langma School of Languages' approach towards teaching a language has always been pragmatic which makes the learning process exciting. We have been offering language training to both individuals and corporate houses and our unique method of delivering education has made us the most reputable language institute globally. Our institute’s primary focus is on quality and ensuring that students feel like the part of “Langma School of Languages Family”. Langma School of Languages conducts regular assessments and evaluations throughout the programme ensuring the satisfaction of students, the participants and the corporate involved, realising objectives and providing a valuable reference. Personal interaction between participants and teachers is encouraged so that ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and concern can be shared one to one basis and in confidence thereby furthering a mutual and beneficial communication practice.

Langma is the world’s premier destination with a presence in Americas, Oceania, Europe, Asia and Africa for the acquisition of foreign languages which can be evident through our successful collaboration with Education and Cultural ministries of Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Hebrew, Romanian, Polish, Serbian, Slovak, Croatian, English, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Italian, English, Arabic, and Persian. Langma School of Languages is the proud partner of ECL (European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment of Modern Languages) through University of PECS, Hungary.

Langma’s programmes are tailored according to the need of individuals or corporate houses. We have conducted a number of workshops and seminars. We have imparted training in language skills to corporate houses and Government bodies.

Langma School of Languages is the leading foreign language institution to offer online education of languages like Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Korean, and etc in a congenial environment to students. All our staff has undergone extensive training and possess a university degree. Our unique pedagogy has received phenomenal feedback from our students.

We pride ourselves on our high success rate and an exceptional track record of quality education to groups, individuals, corporate houses from various background, ability and strata.


Langma School of Languages offers quality education in a motivating environment. Our outstanding facilities make our students experience effective and exciting learning which has contributed to their success.

Our staff membrs are highly experienced and qualified, some with more than 14 years of teaching experience whilst others hold PhD or other relevant qualification from internationally recognised institutions. They bring their experience to classes; implement a practical approach into their lessons. As a result, students undergo a learning process which from the start prepares them for life after education.

Catering Students and Corporate needs

Any school or college plays an important part in achieving an eventual goal for its students: good employment opportunities as well as a better quality of life. In Langma School of Languages, we are always interested in each individual and their respective goals. All of our staff ensures that students have the right tools needed to achieve their goals during their time studying with us.

Langma offers employability skills

At Langma School of Languages, we believe that in order to learn effectively, they need to be happy in their surroundings and we offer best online and classroom training for General English OET, IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, GRE, SAT, GMAT, 150+ Foreign, & Regional Languages. We run various cultural and enthralling social activities to enhance the learning experience. Langma’s language programme has helped thousands to attain employability skills. We are the leading language school and it is our priority to ensure you have a happy and productive experience with Langma School of Languages. Should you have any queries or require any more information on learning a language, do not hesitate to contact us!