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English is the West Germanic language of the Indo-European language Family. English is related to German, Dutch, and Frisian languages. English originated in Britain. The word “English” is derived from Anglisc, the speech of the Angles—one of the three Germanic tribes that invaded England during the fifth century.

English is the primary language of the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and many Island countries in the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. English is also the second language of Singapore, India, the Philippines, and many African countries such as South Africa, Liberia, and Nigeria. English is spoken in more than 100 countries and has around 2 billion speakers that are a third of the world’s population..

The English language is very old, it foundations back to 450 CE in Anglo-Saxon Britain. Today’s English is different from the early version of English. This version of English is known as the old English. The version of English from 1150 to 1450 CE is known as Middle English. There were lots of changes that occurred from Old to Middle English due to the influence of the French language after the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066 CE. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales was the main work of literature of this period. 1500 to 1700 CE was the Early Modern English period. During this period the importance of English grew as it started to be used for popular literature, official documents, and new versions of the Bible. Shakespeare had written his plays in this period.

In the late 1700s, the Modern English period started and in this period English spread internationally through the British Empire through colonization. During this period English had started to be used in parts of Australia, North America, and Africa leading to why English is the primary language of the USA, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. During the Second World War, English spread further and afterward started to grow in cultural and economic influence up to its recognition as an international language today.

English is used in many countries all over the world. It is the language for international communication language. English is widely used in business, commerce, science, medicine, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism, and many other key areas. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, understanding the importance of English will help you reach your goals. Even in diplomacy, where French once ruled supreme, but now English is dominant in most regions of the world. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, understanding the importance of English will help you reach your goals.

Grammar is a set of rules of how English is structured and used. Following these rules is called Standard English. For effective communication, avoiding misunderstanding and confusion you have to follow grammar and spelling rules in English. Following these proper rules is called Standard English.

In English grammar, sentences are created from words that categorized by nine different word classes are verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, determiners, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. English grammar also includes the use of spelling, tenses, punctuation, and word formation. English grammar is similar to German grammar.

The English alphabet has 26 characters that are made from the Latin alphabet. It has 5 vowels, 21 consonants.
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

English has around 170000 words. Some words in English come from other languages such as French, German, etc. There are many loanwords in English such as ‘trainer’ (from German), ‘jeans’ (from French), etc. Loanwords are words that have been adopted from another language without translation.

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Benefits of Learning English with Langma School of Languages

Langma School of Languages is the leading spoken English language institute in India. We are providing English classes online and offline. Some of the main advantages of English learning are given below-

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Reasons to Learn English Language

English is an international language
English is the most widely spoken language in the globe. One out of 5 people can speak or understand English.

English can help you in finding more jobs
English is the language of computers, science, tourism, aviation, and diplomacy. So studying will English increases your chances of getting a good job in an MNC company in your own country or abroad.

Learning English can help you meet new people worldwide
English is the official language of 53 countries in the world. It is also used as lingua franca by people all over the world. It means whether you are working in Brazil or traveling to Beijing, knowing English helps you have a conversation with people from around the globe.

Most of the scientific Research papers are written in English
In the last century, a lot of scientific research papers have been written in English by researchers instead of their native language due to worldwide knowledge of the English language. So knowing of English language is important for people who are working in the scientific field.

English is the language of the global media industry
Due to the prominence of Hollywood in international media, many movies, TV shows, books, and songs are written in English. If you know English speaking then you would not need subtitles and translations to enjoy these media TV shows, films, and songs so learn English speaking. You can also read a lot of books that are written in English.

English is the language of the Internet and Computer for content
English is the main language to write text on the Internet and computers. Many of the world’s top tech companies are based in English-speaking countries.

Travelling anywhere in the world is easy with a good knowledge of English
Learning English language helps you to travel to any country in the world because you can find English-speaking people anywhere in the world.

English is one of the most commonly used languages for business
English is very important in business whether you are an employee, business owner, or student. English is the most important business language in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, India, etc. So learning English fluently can make you a key business asset.

You can study around the globe
English is spoken in so many countries in the world. Thousands of schools, colleges, and universities around the globe offer various academic courses in English.

English help you to access multicultural contents
Knowledge of English will give you access to good books, novels, music, literature, and films from many countries all over the world. You can get ideas about the culture and lifestyle of the people of these countries.


Our online English speaking course is real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching English. You will learn and practice English at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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