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Russian continues to be the only official language of Russia, where 81% of the total population speaks it as their first and only language. In addition, 37 more languages are taught in schools in various republics across the nation. The country is home to a diverse mix of more than 100 languages that are spread among an estimated 200 ethnic groups. Russia is a linguistic melting pot with the Russian language acting as its glue because many regional languages have diverse ancestries.

Russia has made several noteworthy contributions to literature and the arts. Leo Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov, and Feodor Dostoyevsky are top Russian authors, thinkers, and artists. The majority of Russian cities regularly host national and international ballet, music performances, art exhibitions, and movie theatres. A staggering 26 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including the Kremlin, Red Square, and Lake Baikal, are located in Russia.

When you are welcomed to a Russian home, it is customary to reciprocate the hospitality and friendliness of the country by giving a gift. When you choose Russia as your study abroad country, you may look forward to visiting the neighborhood banya (steam bath), making lifetime friends, and celebrating over 50 national festivals including Women's Day and Undergraduate's Day. These cultural traditions are all things to look forward to...

There are numerous benefits of learning the Russian language as follows:-

It is one of the languages that are spoken the most everywhere. In addition to being the official language of Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan also recognize it as such. Israel, the Baltics, China, Ukraine, Armenia, and even the United States regularly speak it. Russian is ranked as the eighth most spoken language in the world by Ethnologue, and it is occasionally regarded as the language that is used the most in Europe. Langma School of Languages provides a Russian language course with a team of qualified and TORFL certified faculty. We provide Russian-speaking courses with quality training and with audio-video technology.

Even if the position you're looking for doesn't require it, having Russian proficiency on your CV will help you stand out. Being able to start and finish learning a language as challenging as Russian demonstrates significant devotion, resourcefulness, and tenacity to an employer, all of which are highly desired attributes in candidates. Learning the language helps in boosting your employment opportunities. Learning Russian is a way of enhancing your employment choices. The present Russian state has grown to become an influential economic force to reckon with globally. There is a growing middle class in Russia today, which has encouraged many people to go abroad and contributed significantly to the global tourist industry. Russian is helpful if you're thinking about working for a multinational corporation, want to teach languages, or want to work at an embassy opening. Langma School of Languages offers Russian language classes with flexible time slots and in a comfortable environment. We provide French language courses in weekday and weekend batches and with excellent training.

You'll avoid tourist traps if you speak the language which is another benefit. I discovered when studying in Russia that the cab driver will charge you less the better you’re Russian is. The natives' perception of you changes if you can communicate in their language. You are now a person with an interest in the local language and culture, not a tourist. You won't ever view Russia the same way after learning the language. Langma offers Russian language courses according to global standards. We offer Russian language classes matching learners’ needs and expectations.

The literature and language of Russia may teach you a lot about their culture. The culture of Russia is fascinating. The language and history of Russia are two of the most fascinating and unique aspects of learning about Russian customs. There is no chance that you won't fall in love with Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Pushkin in their original classic versions if you love literature. There are numerous terms in the Russian language that are not found in the English language. Russian language proficiency is required to fully appreciate and comprehend the rich cultural history, which is well renowned on a global scale. Langma offers online Russian language courses with well-experienced teachers to make you fluent in the language from the convenience of your home. We are a reputable Russian language institute to build and improve your language skills.

There are attractive business opportunities in Russia. One of the most proficient and well-known high-tech designs in the world, particularly in heavy equipment, security, and information technology, is found in Russia. The majority of Europe depends on the nation for one-third of its gas supply, and it is also recognized as the world's top grain exporter. There are numerous natural mineral resources in the nation. Russian businesses are therefore important players on the international economic scene. The majority of businesspeople rely heavily on its well-developed agricultural sector. To compete fairly, you must speak Russian if you want to do business with Russian investors or look for employment prospects on a worldwide scale. Langma delivers Russian language classes to make you fluent in the language. We provide Russian-speaking courses to build and develop your communication skills in 4 areas.

You'll be able to interact freely with the locals, who have traditionally enjoyed seeing tourists. You'll also be able to locate the most luxurious lodgings and affordable restaurants while looking stunning. It provides access to the nation's scientific literature as well as rich Russian literature. It serves as a gauge for its soft power. Langma is a vital language institute providing Russian classes to make students master the language well. We provide Russian language courses keeping in mind the learners' needs and requirements.

The second-largest immigration haven is Russia. Taking into account the developing economy, luxurious way of life, hospitable laws, top-notch education, vivid and classic literature, and highly moral and ethical ideals, you should always include Russia in your trip plans for the future. Russia is a lovely, intriguing, and unusual nation. Its wide region provides a wealth of options to visit seaside resorts with breathtaking beaches, the taiga with its varied species, and undiscovered locations. Langma is a preferred choice for Russian language classes as it is a center of excellence in language teaching. We deliver Russian-speaking classes to make students fluent in the language.

There are opportunities for higher education in Russia. Russia's reputation as a center of superior research and a shelter for scientific brains is among the factors that have drawn most individuals to the nation. So, if you have the intelligence to learn rapidly, you will have access to a wide range of opportunities.


Our virtual classes are real-time live streaming with native teachers who have years of experience teaching Russian online. You will learn and practice Russian at your convenience without stepping out from your home or office.

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