Are you using Grammar or any other spelling-checking tools to proofread your content? If you have a good knowledge of English and Grammar Rules, then it would be quite helpful. But what happens if you are not so sure about it? Get started now to provide flawless writing for your clients! Hire our professional proofreading services! Getting help from the Langma School of Languages is the easiest way to get your content proofread, edited, and translated!

Langma School of Languages provides professional proofreading services for our clients to make their documents error-free. We are an award-winning team of professional editors and proofreaders that supports more than 10,000+ clients from across100+ countries.

  1. Academic papers
  2. Publishing materials
  3. Resumes and cover letters
  4. Websites, Blogs, and Articles

Our proofreading service consists of the following:

  1. Correcting all spelling mistakes: We go through the complete document to ensure that the spelling is right. We also depend on the client’s requirements and we can adopt US or UK English accordingly.
  2. Correcting punctuation – By analyzing the complete document, we ensure that the punctuation is used properly and appropriately.
  3. Correcting all grammatical errors – Ensuring that your writing is grammatically correct and the sentence construction is valid.
  4. Highlighting all edits – We will use the option of Track Changes so that all alterations are indicated in color, allowing you to review the edits easily.
  5. Providing feedback with the corrections – Providing detailed feedback and recommendations to substantiate the corrections.

We will proofread the document using the Track Changes feature in Microsoft word. This allows the client to view corrections easily and they can either accept or reject recommended changes.

After doing the final proofreading, you will be sent two different versions of your documents via email. One is the edited Version and the other is the corrected Version.

The edited version will be the clean copy of your document where all the changes are implemented nicely and will be ready for the final submission. The corrected version will include all the changes made by the editor using the Track Changes option in Microsoft Word.


We can proofread materials available in any kind of written document in most formats including Microsoft Word®, Excel, PowerPoint, Portable Document Files (PDF), and Rich Text Files (.rtf).

  1. We use manual support to check your documents. Our native English online/on-base proofreaders find and fix all the errors in your document.
  2. Our proofreaders are available around the clock, 24*7, wherever you are in the world.
  3. We have an unlimited revision policy which means our proofreaders can work with you to make minor adjustments until you are happy with the result.

At Langma International, we offer fast, affordable, and quality proofreading services for students and professionals. We proofread all documents ranging from essays, assignments, speeches, proposals, presentations, theses, and much more!

Are you looking to get professional support to proofread your documents? Our native speakers can help you to transform your English into error-free advanced English!

For more details, kindly send your queries to us! Get expert proofreading services help at the click of a button!