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Welcome to Langma School of Languages!

The acquisition of new language at Langma would offer you a deeper insight to the language; give you a chance of immersing and experiencing a new culture. The Institution offers tailored programme (intensive or extensive) to cater the need of students or corporate houses. Langma School of Languages has been a pioneer in the field of imparting knowledge of foreign languages since its inception in 2007 and we are the only institution to offer courses in above 50+ International and Regional languages. Some of our remarkable initiatives like distance learning programmes and languages for academics distinguish us from others.

LANGMA has been providing individuals, businesses, NGO’s and Government Agencies achieving their language proficiency goals in more than  50+ languages Since 2012.


The language courses in Langma School can be personalized based on the requirement of the candidate.

We provide customized programs based on the purpose of study and convenient time period or duration (academic, examination, business or employment) if it is an employed individual, we further customize the program according to the industry, including vocabulary from the respective field.


Candidate is able to select the timings and mode for the language classes.

Online and offline modes are available for all languages, and for students connecting via internet, the suitable time slot can be offered that aligns with the country’s timings. Also the option of taking individual or group classes is made available for candidates.

50+ Certification Diploma Programs

Langma provides its learners with Certified Training Programs. We have over 50+ Diploma Courses to choose from. Spearhead your career with fast-paced learning and growth-oriented approach.

Escalate your career prospects with Langma's Certified Diploma Courses and gear up your professional skills by assimilating assets and growth-oriented approach. Level-up your skills by enrolling in our Certified Diploma Courses and choose from 50+ options.

Placement Opportunity

Upon completion of the foreign language courses, students will be offered placements or internships

within our network of partners who hire candidates for linguistic skills. Our clients are from different industries and students can select according to their preferences.

1:1 sessions with Industry Mentors

Providing Live one - to - one Sessions with Personalized Training

Langma provides integrated customised curriculum with personalized training sessions and individual attention. Fostering a growth-oriented and accessible environemnt to boost critical thinking.


We bridge the communication barrier!

Our dedicated team of Linguists help you to attain a global reach, who can offer quality services for Transcription, Translation, Voice-over, Subtitling, Interpretation, Content Moderator, Voice Dubbing and Language training, Language Analyst, Language Auditors. Our competitive services are reliable and efficient which would unleash your potential for international business. We work with a wide array of clients from many sectors, industries, and government bodies.

Why choose Us

Langma School of Languages’ vision is to offer students, opportunities to create better lives for themselves and others surrounding by introducing them to other cultures and enriching their experiences, both locally and globally.

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Our Mission

Langma School of Languages was founded with a vision of imparting knowledge of languages (International & Regional). However, since its establishment, it has evolved and expanded its horizons. Langma School of Languages

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What you get

Langma School of languages works on various international platforms to enhance individuals’ minds and skill-set competencies. In the present time, individuals have become extremely conscious about language learning given the vast range of global opportunities.

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