Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing


Langma School ofLanguages offers specialised multicultural marketing localization solutions. Weoptimise the marketing mix for your brand that resonates with the ethnic marketand amplifies global market reach. Our top marketing linguists are highlyexperienced in creating, optimising and translating content that addresses thecultural nuances of the targeted audience. Our expert copywriters and marketinglinguists are specialised in offering overall marketing localisation serviceson various media platforms. 

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What do we do? 

We offer targetedcontent creation, localisation and transcreation services with the help ofquality software, modern technology tools and an experienced team of in-housemarketing linguists. We deliver culturally relevant content and appropriatedeliverables for personalised branding and amplified market outreach. Creatinginnovative content in the source language and translating it using culturallyrelevant jargon and specific brand glossary requires expertise and extensiveknowledge about ethnic marketing vocabulary and keyword localization. Weoffer insightful marketing solutions with personalised branding ideas to reach maximum inclusive audiences.

Technical ContentServices - Access quality multilingual communication with the help of our experttechnical writers and qualified linguists. We help you create highlyspecialised and targeted content that is abreast with cross-cultural marketing researchand localisation. Financial Reports, clinical manuals, specialised web content,marketing documents and other technical documents are formulated by our trainedmarketing linguists and writers to cater for the specific needs andrequirements of our clients. 

Image Consultation – Images are a powerful communication tool that can be used to signalaction and address specific cultural nuances. Our culture experts and consultantsare well-versed with colour psychology and they collaborate together with our experiencedteam of graphic designers to create culturally relevant deliverables. With theadvent of digitalisation, the digital art industry has seen a recent boom. Weunderstand the importance of pictures and symbols and the power it holds inculture-specific brand campaigns. We incorporate digital models, diagrams andflows and present a visual treat for our clients. 

Transcreation andCopy Adaptation - Amplify global market reach and contenteffectiveness with specialized translations and transcreations.  Thefinal text produced is targeted towards multicultural marketing thatretains the specific language nuances, concepts and meanings. Ourspecialized team members have an established background in advertising andmarketing with linguistic expertise. We offer translation/transcreationservices for translating complex culturally loaded terms and jargon such aspuns, idioms, subtexts, euphemisms and rhymes. We prefer a collaborativeprocess that reflects the brand's idea and vision. 

Cultural Consulting - Theinternational markets have numerous market sizes and they heavily depend onmulticultural marketing solutions to amplify a global reach for individualbrands. Our experienced culture experts have a brilliant research backgroundand therefore can infer important insights in developing cultural campaigns. Itis a highly creative process that requires expertise in different cultures andtheir nuances. We offer unique and customised cultural consultation services toinfluence personal branding and create specialised marketing solutions. Ourteam will work on specific regions and provide ample information about targetedareas such as colours, sounds, media and images. 

We are a team ofdedicated and specialised professionals, language experts and marketinglinguists at your service. We pride ourselves on providing quality customerservices and a transparent working atmosphere for brand collaborations. If youwish to enhance your global market outreach then avail the multiculturalmarketing services from Langma School of languages and bring customisedsolutions onboard.