English is a basic building block to live a fulfilling life in Canada

English is a basic building block to live a fulfilling life in Canada

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It is easy to just see that how English Language is all around the world. Many international universities, international and national organisations, tourist and travellers use English as their official language. Although this language comes with a complicated past, this language has left an important mark on each field like media, hotel industries, trade etc.

Canada is a nation, which has welcomed individuals from all over the world and from different nationalities, as per the reports there have been 7.5 million individuals who have immigrated to the country. English Language and French Language are the two official languages of the country, but for most, the immigrants these languages are not their mother tongue. It come from its various cultures and rich history, from its indigenous First Nations to the French and British colonies that marked the beginning of the country. Many people invest lot of time in learning these languages, especially English before they move to Canada. Learning English Language is considered an important process before immigrating to the country, as it helps the newcomer to search job, socialising, communicating with other people, traveling etc. is much easier when English is one of your strength. Being fluent in English will not only help you to grow in professional terms but also it would also have a positive impact for an individual to grow as a person.

In the 2016 census, 29.97 million Canadians reported themselves as knowing English. Canadians whose first official language spoken was English represented roughly 75 percent of the total population, or just over 26 million people. Among these, 20,193,340 Canadians, of the total population, reported English as being at least one of their mother tongues.

The lack of English can make it difficult to become an active, happy member of Canadian society. While there are many close-knit groups in cities like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver and plenty of newcomers who thrive within their own communities, these people may not have all the same opportunities as other Canadians. The employment rate of immigrants increases with their ability to speak English. Newcomers with stronger English are also more likely to find jobs related to their preferred fields. As mentioned before, if the person lacks in the adequate knowledge of the English language, it would be a loss for an individual in not only the professional terms but also it would be difficult on the personal front also. As language holds an important position in the society, it is better to know their language. To have a proper conversation with the people in the communities, having a communication or interacting with them could leave a positive impact on the people. That would be easier for an individual to make the space of his own in the community or society.

The importance of Language skills:

English or French language skills are very important to help you settle in Canada. You may choose to focus on learning or improving one or the other. This will likely depend on which of the two languages most people speak in the area where you live. With the strong skills of English, it can also be easier to have a Canadian citizenship. If you already speak an official language, think about learning the other. In many parts of Canada, being able to speak both is an advantage for finding a job and taking part in your community. Knowing both the languages would increase your professional and personal circle, where you would have a chance to interact with international people.

Language skills for work:

The English or French skills you needed to be eligible to immigrate may not be strong enough for you to work in your field. Most of the jobs require you to be fluent in these languages, have a strong work related knowledge, and understand some of the expressions or phrases uniquely used in Canada. As Canada uses one of the dialect of French and English, there are certain differences seen in the usage of the expressions, the words or the phrases, the person immigrating to this country for the work purpose should be aware about these differences.

As English is one of the basic requirement for the immigration in this country, there are few exams, which one can appear and get the certificates of the fluency in the particular language. 

There are many language test, which are widely accepted some of them are:

  1. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  2. Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  3. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (universities and colleges usually need this)

As Canada is one of the leading business countries in the world, English is the business language in Canada. It is the dominant language and has become the extreme necessity for the people to have the knowledge of it.  It is the master key to enter the global workforce. Global companies such as Airbus, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft have marked English as their official corporate language. In addition, in 2010 the company Rakuten, a Japanese cross between Amazon and eBay, made it mandatory for their 7,100 Japanese employees to be learn English as it was necessary work requirement. 

The importance of learning English in the international marketplace cannot be understated or denied, as learning English can really change your life, especially in the country like Canada. The employment rate of immigrants increases with their ability to speak English. Newcomers with stronger English are also more likely to find jobs of their own choice. Although the Canadian government guarantees this freedom (equal access to health care) among others, like the right to a fair trial, it is not always possible to find a translator, particularly at the last minute. This is why newcomers can benefit from arming themselves with English language skills. Having the knowledge of more than one language will avoid the necessity of the translator, because the individual himself/herself can be a translator, this is one of the benefits of being a bilingual.

It is rightly said that English is a building block for the successful life in Canada. Learning English does not mean giving up culture, background or a native tongue, it is simply adding a new and valuable skill that will make the transition much smoother for most newcomers.

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