Exciting Opportunity for Indian Japanese Speakers

Exciting Opportunity for Indian Japanese Speakers

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Japan is the third-largest economy globally; however, it is facing an ageing society on an unprecedented scale. It has the highest proportion of senior citizens in the world. By 2030, one in every three Japanese people will be 65 or older. 

Hence, it is clear that the demand for a young workforce will rise exponentially; and health care professionals, particularly caregivers, are highly needed. 

Ergo, Japan has made it very easy for immigrants to be a part of a vibrant workforce. Contrary to its previous stance, Japan is becoming an immigrant-friendly nation with many opportunities. A news article from 2018 states that approximately 1 out of 10 young people residing in Tokyo were foreign nationals. Presently Japan is estimated to have some 2.93 million foreign workers.

Furthermore, Japan has been one of the largest technical aid contributors to developing nations, particularly ASEAN nations and India. To help other developing nations grow, Japan started its Technical training program (TITP) back in 1993. 

It seeks to provide vocational and professional training in one of the pioneer countries in technology. Under the programme, sending organisations in beneficiary nations, like India, collaborate with Japanese companies and recruit TITP interns for a 3-5 year stint in Japan. After the stint completes, the trainees come back and serve the community in their respective home nations. 

The programme is administered by the Japan International Training Cooperation Organisation (JITCO). The aim is to aid in the technical and economic growth of developing countries. The trainees get on the job technical expertise and come back to their home country to develop indigenous institutions and businesses. 

The authorised sending organisations from India select trainees based on a uniform criterion and after the selection of potential trainees, they are intensively trained to live in Japan comfortably for the next 3-5 years. The Japanese employer provides some financial aid. In most cases, the employer arranges everything for the incoming trainees, from transportation expenses to accommodation.  

The Memorandum of Cooperation between India and Japan for the TITP program was signed in 2017. In the beginning, the plan was to send 3 lac trainees of which 50,000 were getting placed in Japan itself. 

Under the present structure, internships are being provided in agriculture, construction, food manufacturing, textiles and other sectors requiring semi-skilled workers. Broken down by the business sector, the largest, 384,000 workers, went to Japan as technical trainees.

After the tenure in Japan, the trainees can get great job opportunities with lucrative packages here in India. As Japan is well known for its innovations in technology, trainees can get the quintessential experience that will enormously help achieve heights in their careers. 

This is a unique opportunity, especially for IT professionals due to high demand in Japan. Additionally, the tenure in Japan can boost your CV's visibility and help land on a job quickly. 

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