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Most children attend school in which the medium of English instruction is based solely on curriculum and syllabus. It is naturally very important to ensure that students acquire appropriate literacy and spoken English skills. However, it is equally important that students find enjoyment in their learning which will enable them to advance in life and be empowered in the use of English in all aspects of their life, thus move easily up the academic and social ladder.

Unless the content of learning English is linked directly to practical usage, students will not be able to fulfil their educational potential and will be unprepared to meet the challenges of the future

Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd. has for many years recognised that when any learning process is made interesting and enjoyable the outcomes for students are greatly enhanced. It is with this ethos that we have developed a system of training in spoken English that augments the established classes provided by the school thereby broadening the student’s appreciation of the English language and encouraging an atmosphere of enjoyment through a range of activities.

The Positives

  • Indian children represent an excellent source of global intellectual capital.
  • Foreign universities actively seek Indian students.
  • Many do well and distinguish themselves outside India
  • India has a huge untapped reservoir of productive and creative human capital. Properly stimulated, this 'unutilised brainpower' can be transformed to generate massive economic, social and cultural returns for the country.

Langma School of Languages provides a number of effective teaching methods to educate and rapidly circulate useful skills and knowledge, therefore, a case can be made to focus on skill-based education, which requires less capital and can be effectively and widely disseminated. Langma School of Languages is considered as the best Spoken English Institute in Delhi because of its exceptional training.

  • Education in most schools is one dimensional, with a focus on marks.
  • Intelligence and potential are generally equated to the marks or grades achieved by the child.
  • There is little focus on nurturing:
  • Behavioural skills - teamwork, leadership, community
  • Application skills
  • Creative-thinking skills

India's growth story remains one of the most anticipated global economic trends, and its fulfilment relies on spoken English skills. A broader foundation in English training enables students to become part of the developed world, their lives become enriched and their futures set firmly on the path to success.

In response to and motivated by the above information Langma School of Languages Pvt. Ltd. has created a training programme for students in spoken English. Using its vast knowledge gleaned from previous training programmes the organisation proposes an interactive and motivational programme of skills training with the aim of improving the standard of spoken English.

The instruction is delivered by a team of trainers’ added assistance from visiting lecturers and educationalists.

Teaching English is developing at an astounding rate. Teaching methodologies like Langma School of LanguagesAudio Video – cum – interactive (AVI) method, the use of audiovisual teaching aids and the use of the media and entertainment world are all sources of educational input. Existing practices should be reviewed and updated to generate enthusiasm in the subject.

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