Scope of English langauge

Scope of English langauge

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They say that language is the road map of culture and rightly so! Every language introduces its speaker to a whole new world of knowledge. As far as the English language is concerned, it has occupied the status of a global language. It has been twisted and torn and has been brought into various cultures.  In fact, we have our own Indianised form of English, in the words of Salman Rushdie, "a chutnification of the English language" to be precise. Since it's spoken and taught in various nations with about 20% of the world population, the scope of English language naturally widens. 

There are many historical factors behind its wide usage including the influence of colonial administration, the global dominance of the United States, and the emergence of new Englishes”, such as the Indian English, Nigerian English, Scottish English, and many others. Different cultures have imbibed various strains of the English language in their language and dialects, making it one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with a population of 1.2 billion people speaking it. The stakes are high when it comes to English. Therefore, understanding its scope and massive outreach is important. Wondering exactly how learning English is going to help you and what’s the nature and scope of the English language? Continue to read below! 

  1. International Business and Entrepreneurship opportunities - 

One of the greatest benefits of learning the English language is the massive business opportunities it opens up for you. Post-2012, the number of MNCs in India has quadrupled. These MNCs have notoriously captured a large chunk of the market. India’s market size and economy is perfect for Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and therefore a lot of international brands and companies have invested in the Indian market. Engagement with the international markets and Multinational companies brings in high returns of investments for the working force and as well as the entrepreneurs. Along with the other marketable skills, verbal and written fluency in the English language is extremely important to avail job opportunities in multinational companies. Entrepreneurs and expats willing to expand their ventures can also set foot in the global market and trade internationally with other foreign brands. Workforces and brands that are competent in the global language can avail numerous growth opportunities. 

  1. Immigration

Bilingualism is not only in trend but also the need of the hour. We live in a globalised world and one of the many advantages of learning English language is that you can ease the immigration process and avail yourself citizenship of various countries with the help of written and spoken fluency in the English language. Most first-world countries, especially Canada and Australia, require an IELTS band score for permanent residence. The IELTS exam examines English proficiency in terms of reading, speaking, written and listening skills, and is of great importance when applying for PR. The scope of IELTS exam is huge for various reasons including academic and non-academic purposes. A lot of prestigious universities and colleges demand a 7+ IELTS exam score for admissions. English proficiency is a must to score well in the IELTS exam, which is a prerequisite for immigration processes. Language plays a key role when it comes to travel. 

  1. Academia and Publication

English is increasingly becoming the medium of instruction in various academic institutions, including schools, colleges, universities, and research arenas. It is one of the compulsory languages taught at the elementary level. The English translations of academic papers and research papers introduce the scholars to international academia and avails opportunities for global recognition. The education industry, academia and publications require English expertise. A lot of universities also wish to attract an international body of students to better their international profiles. One of the greatest benefits of learning English is that young scholars can get a chance to participate in intellectual scholarly debates and can be a part of an international body of the network. The research and development department and the language-centred courses, along with various publication houses require skilled translators and interpreters. 

  1. Language Teaching Industry - 

Over the last decade, the market size for the foreign language service industry has increased massively, skyrocketing up to 49.6 billion US dollars. Millions of teachers and students connect via the online platform boosting the overall market share of the foreign language training industry. The nature and scope of English language is extremely vast and versatile, it has opened numerous avenues and job opportunities including online tutoring, content translation, speech interpretation, and many others. English speaking classes and courses are conducted around the world and various academic institutions have opened various branches around the world leading to a market boom in the foreign language industry. The interconnectedness of a globalised world has widened the scope of English language and other foreign languages such as Russian, Japanese, Spanish, etc. 

  1. Media and Entertainment - 

Learning English exposes you to various kinds of literature, web series, news channels, movies, songs, general trivia and everything that comes under the umbrella term of entertainment. If you are an art enthusiast and love to explore general trivia, different cultures and art forms, then learning the English language will introduce you to a whole new world of art and culture. You can be a part of the international readership and audience by learning the English language. From sports to advertising, and live news, you can be introduced to popular culture, trivia and become a global citizen in real terms. You can not only enjoy the global entertainment industry but also avail job opportunities in this sector. Confident English speakers are required for various purposes. 

Surprised by the wonders of learning English language? Well, if you wish to boost your career and are looking for English speaking courses then hop on board with Langma School of Languages and be a part of an immersive learning experience with us. Our skilled teachers will not only train you in the language but also boost your confidence and overall personality. Enrolling in an English speaking course will not only open lucrative career opportunities for you but will also turn out to be a joyous experience, full of self-learning and development. Learning a new language, especially English will work wonders for you because of its global usage. You can access a whole new world of culture, literature, arts and careers, with this “link language.” So, what are you waiting for? 

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