The Importance of learning second language

The Importance of learning second language

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Most children attend school in which the medium of foreign language instruction is based solely on curriculum and syllabus. It is naturally very important to ensure that students acquire appropriate literacy and language skills. However, it is equally important that students find enjoyment in their learning which will enable them to advance in life and be empowered in the use of foreign language in all aspects of their life, thus move easily up the academic and social ladder. 

Unless the content of learning language is linked directly to practical usage, students will be not be able to fulfil their educational potential and will be unprepared to meet the challenges of the future

Langma School of Languages has for many years recognised that when any learning process is made interesting and enjoyable the outcomes for students are greatly enhanced. It is with this ethos that we have developed a system of training in foreign languages that augment the established classes provided by the school thereby broadening the student’s appreciation of the foreign language and encouraging an atmosphere of enjoyment through a range of activities.