The scope of French language in the world

The scope of French language in the world

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As an official language of numerous countries and widely spoken languages globally, French comes sixth most used language (professionally) on the planet; after English, Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish and Arabic

Learning a foreign language will always allow exploring the new path of your assets; it helps you grow professionally and intellectually. It makes a person’s perspective broader towards every minute thing in life.  Learning a foreign language will introduce new cultures, new aspects of society, and a set of international people who help us know the other side of the world; which positively impacts a person and understands the better version of his personality. Like every other foreign language, French also covers the five “C” technique: Communications, Cultures, Connections, Communities and Comparison.

Being intellect in French language could be a career asset in various fields, as it would open many doors of opportunities nationally and internationally. It gives you a chance to put any effort into learning new and exciting sectors such as; Tourism and Hospitality, Banking and Finance, Fashion and luxury goods. International Business sector, Translation and Interpretation, Content writer, Languages expert in MNC’s, professor etc.

Translations and interpretation are one of the apparent sectors when it comes to learning a foreign language. A person naturally ends up acquiring the skill of translating and interpreting  while learning a foreign language. Being a professional French translator or an interpreter will not only give you a position in the society but also it would be financially rewarding. 

Fluency in French language will also broaden a person's horizon to have any international organizations experience, as French is one of the official working languages in UN, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF and many other international courts. Having a substantial knowledge of French language will make a person eligible for considering a career with these international organizations.

France is one of the welcoming countries globally, making it easy for learning French and making it to the Hospitality and Tourism industry. However, language has considerable importance in the Hospitality sector. Tourism and Hospitality management opens the doors for France and Francophone countries, including Switzerland, Luxembourg, Canada, Mauritius, and other French-speaking nations.  Business Tourism is one of the vital sectors in France’s economy.

France is a home for many brands such as AXA, BNP Paribas, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Chanel, etc. These brands are setting up their branches worldwide and invite all the French language speakers to use their skills and be a part of these internationally respected organizations.

Looking at France's position globally, learning French will enhance a person's career and take its career to different heights. Having an insight into French language would not only give a shape to the career, but it will also enable a person to push the limits of his world and learning French will undoubtedly expand his universe.

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