Why learn Japanese: Part 1

Why learn Japanese: Part 1

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Have you decided to add skill on your CV? Did you know that linguists are in great demand in the job market? Or is learning a language your new hobby? If any of these answers are affirmative, then this series is for you.

This two-part blog will explain why it is beneficial to learn Japanese language to kickstart your career today. Part 1 will be dedicated to the overall benefits of Japanese language, and Part 2 will focus on career prospects of the language. 


The Japanese word for Japan is Nihon or Nippon (日本). It is made up of two Kanjis (Chinese characters): Ni (日), which means Sun; and Hon (本), which means Origin. So the literal meaning of the word would be "Origin of the Sun", which corresponds to the fact that the Sun rises foremost in Japan. 

It is an island country situated on the North West Pacific ocean. Russia, China and South Korea are the major neighbours. Japan has four distinct seasons, but climatic conditions can differ a little depending on the area. 

For instance, Hokkaido, the northernmost part of Japan, experiences warm summers and freezing winters with heavy snowfall. Whereas, Tokyo experiences hot and humid summers and chilling winters. However, Sakura blooms during spring are common to all.


Japan was the first developed country from Asia. It is the only Asian country in G7, the group of most developed nations. The miraculous growth of the war-torn country stunned the world and showed other developing nations the path to success. 

Today, Japan is the third-largest economy. 53 Japanese multinational corporations have featured in the Fortune 500 list. Japan is also the 4th largest FDI investor. A large FDI presence means that Japanese companies have a significant presence in countries like India, Brazil and ASEAN nations, and other developed countries like the United States


Apart from MNCs, Japan is very well known for its Anime, Manga, J-pop and movies. 'Attack on Titan', 'Pasona' and 'Dragon Ball Z' are widely popular Animes. Doraemon and Shinchan must have been a part of everyone's childhood!

The Japanese Shinto shrines inside the forests, often on the top of a mountain; gorgeous volcano mountains, rivers and lakes and other traditional places have always attracted people worldwide. On the other hand, bustling roads of Tokyo and lively Osaka streets form a beautiful fusion of oriental and western cultural elements. 


Japanese is Japan's official language, but a small native population can also be found in nations like the USA, Brazil, China, and South Korea. Most native Japanese people cannot speak a second language, although many of the young population have started learning English

Japanese language allows the following benefits to the learners:

Personality Development

Learning Japanese language aids in developing cognitive skills and higher thinking skills. So, it can be helpful to understand other subjects that require analytical skills like science. Additionally, you will be the master of one of the most challenging languages, which will enhance your status and showcase your ability to take on difficult challenges!

Better Career Prospects

As is mentioned above, Japan has a significant worldwide presence, but surprisingly Japanese language is not taught as extensively as other European languages like French or German. You will find less competition in every field: IT, Hospitality, Research, Banking, Education, Health and what not!

Culture Appreciation

As you learn Japanese, a whole new world of culture and traditions will open up. Japanese are modern people with strict traditional roots. To understand Japanese society and their way of thinking, it is better to learn Japanese. You can compare Japanese traditions with your own, to understand the merits of both and adopt them. In short, you get the best of both worlds!

Travel to Japan

Japan is a beautiful country with marvellous natural sites like Mount Fuji and karaoke, historical places like Kyoto, Nara and more. Learning the language can pave the way to understand Japanese history and literature. Last but not least, you can enjoy Anime and Manga in its original form. All of this can help you to enjoy your stay while following all the social norms fully!

Gateway Language

It is the perfect passport to many Asian languages like Chinese and Korean. A lot of Korean and Japanese words are similar, along with grammatical similarities. If you have learnt Japanese, it will be easier to understand Chinese writings due to resembling writing systems (Kanjis).

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