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The Burmese language is also known as Myanmar, the official language of Myanmar. (Burma). Burmese is spoken as the native language by most of the people of Burma whereas, the second language by most native speakers of the other language in the country. Burmese and Lolo dialects are closely related to each other. Modern standard Burmese has undergone additional changes from Old Burmese than have most of the dialects; the Arakanese dialect is especially conservative. As a result, modern colloquial Burmese used in everyday conversations varies significantly from the formal written form of the language used in textbooks, formal writing, newspapers, fiction, and expository prose. The written Language has many Pali words and syntactic structures are no longer found in the spoken language.

With your knowledge of the Burmese language, you can work as a translator or interpreter for a company. Besides learning the Burmese language, you can also work as an independent freelancer as a Burmese language expert. There are so many opportunities for translators and interpreters in India as well as in other parts of the world. With the increasing entry of foreign firms and large-scale projects outsourced to Indian companies by their European and American counterparts...


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