Sanskrit For Academics

Sanskrit for Academics at Langma School of Languages will give an introduction to the academic language and skills that are required to pursue education at a university. The programme at Langma School of Languages is intensive and needs dedication to pursue it since university students undertake: listening to lectures, taking notes, spoken presentations, reading long sentences and visual information, presenting opinions on literature, and writing reports using appropriate literary terms. During this programme you will be asked to share your work with the teacher as well as with students and give and receive feedback in the class.

This programme covers how great writers presented their opinions on different topics and their works are seen when they intervene in our global cultural landscape today. We are evident that none of the literature has ever been inspired in isolation from the cultures around it; since the Vedas and Upanishads great works of literature have examined the strife, tensions, and connections among neighboring countries and the distant one. The programme is aimed at focusing especially on the works of literature which include the experience of the wider spectrum as their theme; furthermore, it will explore the varied artistic modes in which great writers have presented their views according to the context, helping us to materialise the deep roots of today’s intertwined global cultures.

This programme will help you to improve your literary understanding and examination of Kalidasa, Valmiki, Vyasa, Jayadeva, and many more. Humans have liaised their thoughts, feelings, and ideas through several mediums, and poetry is one of them throughout human civilization. A poem can state new truths about human experience; however, comprehending it as it is presented is difficult without expert knowledge. This course would help you build confidence in reading and enjoying poetry. Irrespective of whether you are a poetry fanatic or eager to learn, you need tools for approaching the study of poetry, how to express your appreciation of poetry, and pursuing new riches in your favorite poems. The programme would also give you insight and guidance on developing your poetic voice when writing verses. You will also learn as a part of this programme how literary works and books are transformed by cultural transmission.


(4 hours/session)
Prerequisite Knowledge
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 students


 The programme would offer the ability to research, analyze, and employ knowledge from a disciplinary and multidisciplinary perspective

 The programme would enable students to communicate effectively across written, oral, digital, and visual forms

 The programme would offer critical thinking and research skills to facilitate students to identify high-quality information and critically analyse it as a reader, researcher, and writer, with major attention on well-reasoned argumentation.

 Langma School of Languages promotes intercultural competence to help students to build the ability to engage with a range of diverse perspectives from which knowledge, beliefs, and values are developed and maintained from regional to the global perspective

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