Learn French at Langma


Langma School of Language is the best training center for both classroom set-up and online sessions where one can choose individual or group sessions as per their needs and requirements. Our dedicated team of teachers is highly experienced and qualified, some with more than 14 years of teaching experience whilst others hold Ph.D. or other relevant qualifications from internationally recognized institutions. They bring their experience to our classes and implement a practical approach into their lessons.

Langma School of Languages is active in promoting the growth and development of French language learning skills through our classroom and online platforms across the world and provides specific French language skills to suit our students and client’s needs along with being aware of the reputation of ourselves, our clients and students by ensuring the highest standards of training. Langma School of Languages’ forward-thinking approach takes into consideration new developments in teaching practice; we have adopted a proactive role in lobbying Government bodies, institutions, and several diplomatic centers to take seriously the importance of being multilingual.

Langma School of Languages offers the best platform to prepare students for international exams like TEF, DELF, and others. French language classes at Langma School of Languages are offered under the supervision of native speakers, who have years of expertise in the language and they prepare our students for these exams. A basic structure is created by imparting an overall knowledge of the topic followed by practical exercises and interactive practice sessions. Langma School of Languages’ expertise in education and its ongoing development are brought into play with specific topics and practice sessions designed exclusively for the students.

Langma School of Languages is the best platform to acquire knowledge of the French language and its vibrant culture. Langma School of Languages covers a range of relevant and fun-based areas deemed to be of the greatest value and interest to the participants. One can also learn French online from the comfort of their home with the help of our online French language courses.

Langma School of Languages is led by a team of accomplished teachers and authors with broad experience in education and interpersonal skills, our inspirational and motivational teaching methodologies. Our teachers are also well-versed in modern teaching tools and online pedagogy so that you can learn French online with ease.

Langma School of Languages’ client base is extensive and comprehensive including The Indian Army, the Indian Navy, the British High Commission, Government Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs), and Foreign embassies like the Embassy of The Czech Republic, Embassy of The United Arab Emirates, Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia, Embassy of The Republic of Benin, and Embassy of The Republic of Congo and it has provided training programmes for individuals and corporate houses throughout the world. These are just a few of Langma School of Languages’ impressive and ongoing service providers.


All of our French Language course teachers at Langma School of Languages are Native-Speakers and highly qualified each with specialist and cross-over training credentials and has between them years of experience, and abilities in all areas of training. Langma School of Languages not only ensures that you receive quality education but it also ensures that our students acquire authentic French Language dialects, accents, and terminology. Students can gain theoretical knowledge from books but the practical and spoken experience can only be attained in the classroom that prepares the students for future endeavors. Our teachers at Langma School of Languages encourage extracurricular practice and it is envisaged that spoken skills are taken beyond the formal teaching environment and into the students’ daily lives. Teachers provide written exercises and presentations, role-play, group discussions, and extempore to keep students engaged. They consistently use the words and phrases they learned to better their communication skills.

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