Summer Programme

Summer Programme at Langma School of languages is the most popular programme during the summer holidays among school students who wish to utilise their summer break to be creative and acquire some knowledge of Portuguese language. Langma School of Languages’ programme is designed to instil basic communication skills through a range of extracurricular activities in a diverse environment. Our Summer Portuguese Programme’s enrolment starts in the month of March every year and students can choose the course of (4, 6, & 8 weeks).

Langma School of Languages carefully designed the course content in order to make the programme engaging, challenging, and enjoyable. The teachers at our institution are qualified to university level, hold Portuguese teaching certificate, and are highly experienced. Students need to experience Portuguese culture instead of learning only Portuguese language. The Summer Portuguese Programme is especially suitable for school students; it is with the ethos that we have developed a system of training in Portuguese language that augments the established Portuguese classes provided by the school thereby broadening the students’ appreciation of the Portuguese language and encouraging an atmosphere of enjoyment trough a range of activities. Langma School of Languages offers facilities such as free internet access, self-study material, air-conditioned classroom, library, student lounge, and computer lab. This intensive course is aimed at school students who wish to maximise their language learning practice during their summer vacation. The programme focuses majorly on speaking and communication skills. These lessons provide the opportunity to learn the Portuguese culture & customs. Students will work on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Textbooks and a variety of other materials are used in instruction, including role-play, newspapers, magazines, extempore, and other materials. Students focus on special topics during the sessions. Topics include: fluency practice, media studies, film and theatre, local culture, current events, politics, and research using the internet. The Summer Programme at Langma School of Languages includes organised excursions to help students learn more under the supervised practical sessions. This programme will assist students to build improved language skills, personal development and lifestyle enhancement, confidence building, enhanced image both personally and in society, empowerment, and overall personal growth in understanding the language skills. We provide our students teachers who are highly experienced with state – of – the – art teaching facilities and equipment. Students can access our resources online and in our library where one can enjoy reading novels and books of their curriculum.


(2 hours/session)
Starts in May
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
8 – 19 years


 Teachers at Langma School of Languages will ensure that students develop conversational skills whilst learning a language and country and debating current issues.

 Students at Langma School of Languages can decide between just a few lessons per week to 20 lessons per week.

 Everyone has their own language learning requirements; therefore, our teachers offer a personalised service to our students. Our team enjoys the challenge and strives for excellence in all we do.

 At Langma School of Languages, students will be in contact with native speakers that offer the students many opportunities to learn to express themselves in real-world scenarios. We also help those who are interested in volunteering, offering an exchange that involves not only language but also the gratification of helping others.

 More traditional grammar and vocabulary exercises seamlessly interlock with reading and listening comprehension tasks, role play, group discussion, extempore, interactive games and small projects.

 A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the programme

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