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Children represent an excellent source of Global intellectual capital. International students actively seek to enrol in German Universities since tertiary education is free for everyone. The world has a huge untapped reservoir of productive and creative human capital. Properly stimulated, this “utilising brainpower” can be transformed to generate massive economic, social, and cultural returns for the countries.

Langma School of Languages provides a number of effective teaching methods to educate and rapidly circulate useful German skills and knowledge, therefore, care can be made to focus on skill-based education, which requires less capital and can be effectively and widely disseminated. Education in most of the countries is one dimensional, with a focus on marks or attainment. Intelligence and potential are generally equated to the marks or grades achieved by the child. There is little focus on nurturing: Behavioural skills – teamwork, leadership, & community, application skills, and creative-thinking skills. Germany’s growth story is and will be one of the most anticipated global economic trends, and its fulfilment relies on people who can speak German and be in the workforce. A broader foundation in German training enables students to become part of the German economy, their lives become enriched and their future set firmly on the path of success. 

To reiterate the importance and value of German language as a key skill with relation to global and national demands, personal aspirations, and work-related improvements. To provide specific solutions to individual and group language problems and fostering the understanding and relevance of an inclusive German-speaking community extending from work to home and beyond. It is hoped that greater achievements in personal German-speaking abilities will impact on furthering spoken German skills amongst the people as well as in the broader educational environment. Langma School of Languages’ key challenge is to provide the students with opportunities to become literate, and develop a lifelong passion for the German language. Our mission is to enhance German-speaking skills of the people through an inspiring teaching methodology. Our purpose is to enable students to acquire an understanding of German which will grow as they progress in their life.  

German language is rich in history and Langma School of Languages offers Classroom, Online, and in-house training to individuals, groups, and corporate. Our programmes are based on a pragmatic approach; hence making our programme most popular.

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