International Exam Preparation

CELI is an official language proficiency test for non-native speakers and it aims to test the proficiency level of speakers. The examination is based on knowledge in the following areas: Reading, Listening, Writing, & Speaking. The examination was designed to assess the language skills of immigrants and through every passing year, the examination has been revised. Therefore, the present test structure has six levels, starting from A1 (Beginners) to C2 (Advanced) and the test is recognized in every sector.

Certifications of knowledge of the Italian language (CELI) are certificates of general Italian for schooled adults. Through the CELI, skills, and abilities in the use of the Italian language are attested and can be used in the field of work and study. In addition to the traditional CELI certifications, there are also the CELI Immigrati (immigrants) and CELI Adolescenti (adolescents). The CELI Immigrati is intended for foreign citizens who immigrated to Italy, it is also available to students with very little education. The CELI Adolescenti is aimed at children between the age of 13 and 17.

The differences between these two types of certifications are different textual genres and tasks without changes within the exam. The CELIs are adapted to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), so they are divided into six levels:

 CELI Impatto (Level A1 of the CEFR) – basic level for foreigners without any knowledge of the Italian language.

 CELI 1 (Level A2 of the CEFR) – the elementary level recommended to foreigners able to formulate short sentences but not a speech.

 CELI 2 (Level B1 of the CEFR) – intermediate level useful to master the language without too much strain.

 CELI 3 (Level B2 of the CEFR) – a higher intermediate level useful to master the language without too much effort.

 CELI 4 (Level C1 of the CEFR) – advanced level – can understand and produce long and complex pieces and conversations.

 CELI 5 (Level C2 of the CEFR) – a level of command of the language in complex situations.

The CELI programme at Langma School of Languages is designed to focus on Italian language points and elements required for the test. The programme is aimed to get you a grip on all the elements required for the CELI such as Grammar, Vocabulary, and Listening along with writing comprehension. The programme at Langma School of Languages allows students to prepare for the exam and attain the desired score.

Students must share their requirements before commencing the programme so that the teachers can tailor the lessons based on their needs to achieve a particular goal. The purpose of this examination may vary; some may pursue it for citizenship or apply for universities whilst others view it as a chance to get better-paid employment. At Langma School of Languages, we carefully choose teachers who can focus on exam preparation, and are familiar with the testing patterns, and the expectations of examiners. Langma School of Languages offers lessons for individuals who are in dire need of extra dimension/attention or groups who need overall development.


(2 hours/session)
Intermediate (B1)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 students

What can you expect from this course?

 Specific focus on the full range of Italian skills (formal, academic, technical vocabulary, grammar in the four skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening).

 Specific focus on CELI exam techniques (note taking, speed reading, and understanding complex vocabulary from context, among others) with the convenience of classroom and online classes.

 The support of teachers with high levels of CELI exam preparation experience.

 Focused exam practice with authentic examination papers.


 Flexibility:- Students can choose 4 weeks or 6 weeks programme as their time and budget allow, completing their studies while honoring their work and financial commitments.

 Expertise: - Our staffs are highly qualified and possess years of expertise in the field of teaching; moreover, individual support is offered to every student throughout the programme.

 Programme Design: - Langma School of Languages has created its programme specifically designed to reflect the types of tasks found on the Test. We constantly monitor our programme and add study materials.

 Integrated Approach to Learning: - Each week students practice three, main modules each day

 Relevance: - Students work with authentic texts and official exam materials to build language competency in specific areas.

 Focus on Accuracy:– Learning is carefully sacffolded to ensure that students build a large bank of vocabulary and use appropriate grammatical structures with a high degree of accuracy

 Exam Strategies:– Our students learn and practice effectively in every lesson, every day!

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