Italian For Professionals

Italian for Professionals programme is designed at Langma School of Languages to cater to the specific business needs of professionals. Programme at Langma School of Languages is ideal for professionals who wish to pursue the Italian language to work in Portugal or just need Italian for their profession. Our teachers put more emphasis on teaching the basic language structures and it is very practical and goal-oriented. We tailor the programme organized according to the occupation: business and technology, service sector, office or social service professionals. Our teachers are native Italian speakers, and offer conceptualized and individualized instruction; therefore, leading the course content focused on exciting, developing, and expansion of professional language content.

The programme at Langma School of Languages is highly personalized and designed to improve your Italian communication and language skills, whether your focus is social, business, financial, or legal. Within an increasingly interconnected and international society, many businesses are establishing relationships with a range of companies based in different countries. From small start-ups to behemoth multinational companies, the benefits of liaising, outsourcing, and cooperating with international organizations are vast. To ensure high-quality international collaboration, communication is the key. Langma’s qualified Italian language teachers have extensive teaching experience, working with several corporations, and will deliver tailored lessons to specifically enhance your business communication. The vocabulary and phrases that are required within the workplace are not typically taught in general Italian language lessons; therefore, participating in tailored, professional language classes will ensure you grow in confidence when connecting with your Italian -speaking colleagues. The content and format of your Italian training programme will depend on your profession, proficiency in Italian, and objectives. Whether beginner, survival, intermediate, or advanced key areas covered in our Italian programme includes: Spoken Fluency, Listening skills, Pronunciation & Accent, Reading Skills, Telephone Skills in Italian, Email Skills in Italian, Sector Specific Terminology, and Presentation & Negotiation skills.

Who can attend this course?

We offer an extensive range of workplace communication skills programmes and workshops:-

Spoken and written Italian skills for managers and supervisors.

Spoken Italian skills for customer service staff.

Workplace Italian language skills for administration and secretaries.

Business writing skills for marketing staff and managers.

Hotel and restaurant communication skills courses for F&B staff, marketing staff, IT staff, and housekeeping staff.

Professional presentation skills for senior staff.

Effective E-mail, Proposal, memos, letters, and report skills for various industries.

The above courses serve as a reference only. Actual courses are tailored according to the specific needs of professionals. We are always happy to discuss and recommend a programme to meet your individual needs.


(2 hours/session)
Intermediate (B2)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 students


Benefits of Langma’s Italian for Professional programme

Langma’s programme will help you with the ability to:

Speak Italian with confidence

Build rapport and strengthen relationships with Italian-speaking colleagues and clients through a show of interest in the Italian language and culture

Demonstrate goodwill and facilitate international communication at both a personal and organizational level

Interact more confidently when visiting Italian-speaking regions with Italian speakers

Who can enrol in this programme?

Langma School of Languages “Italian for Professionals” is suitable for

Anyone working with Italian-speaking countries

Anyone planning to relocate to an Italian-speaking region and wishing to attend an Italian

Business professionals conducting business regularly with Italian speakers who wish to build rapport and strengthen relationships by attending an Italian course

Business professionals conducting business regularly with Italian speakers who wish to build rapport and strengthen relationships by attending an Italian course

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