German for Professional

German for professionals programme is designed at Langma School of Languages to cater to the specific business needs of professionals. This German for professionals programme at Langma School of Languages is ideal for professionals who wish to pursue the German language to work in Germany or just need German for their profession. Our teachers emphasize teaching the basic language structures and it is quite practical and goal-oriented. We tailor the program according to the different occupations: business and technology, service sector, office, or social service professionals. Our teachers are native German speakers and they offer conceptualized and individualized instruction. Therefore, leading the course content focused on exciting, developing, and expansion of professional language content. We also provide the Best German online classes to suit the needs of professionals.

German for professionals’ language programme at Langma School of Languages is tailored and can be pursued as their time and budget allow, whilst honoring their work and financial commitments. The program at Langma School of Languages is especially dense and leads to significant progress in the shortest time possible. One can go for certification of their German language skills in internationally recognized standard tests such as Goethe or TELC. German language learning at Langma School of Languages is not restricted to language; it is also about cultural idiosyncrasies. We have successfully imparted knowledge of the German language to corporate houses, government bodies, and embassies. The most common components in this course are:-

Communication skills

  • Meeting
  • Telephoning
  • Marketing
  • Business ethics
  • Corporate culture
  • Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Business writing.


We offer an extensive range of workplace communication skills programmes and workshops:

 Spoken and written German skills for managers and supervisors.

 Spoken German skills for customer service staff.

 Workplace German language skills for administration and secretaries.

 Business writing skills for marketing staff and managers.

 Hotel and restaurant communication skills courses for F&B staff, marketing staff, IT staff, and housekeeping staff.

 Professional presentation skills for senior staff.

 Effective E-mail, Proposal, memos, letters, and report skills for various industries.

The above courses serve as a reference only. Actual courses are tailored according to the specific needs of professionals and they can be customized accordingly. We are always happy to discuss and recommend a programme to meet your individual needs.


(2 hours/session)
Intermediate (B2)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timin
Class size
Maximum 6 students


After completion of this course, students will be able to recognize the style of communication most frequently used to present information in business situations.

 Use the linear style of communication when expressing ideas in the German language.

 Talk about projects in German.

 Discuss uncomfortable ideas and issues in German.

 Give evaluations and feedback in German.

Our overall goals as we work with our students and professionals are to improve their workplace performance by helping them to attain a higher standard of proficiency and confidence in their use of the German language. That will enable them to develop their business and develop a more professional rapport with native German-speaking clients. Enrol now in the best German language institute for German training for professionals at Lngma School of Languages.

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