Hindi for Travellers

The Hindi for Travellers programme at Langma School of Languages is designed to help tourists learn to handle everyday situations on their trips to India or Hindi-speaking countries. The programme at Langma School of Languages focuses on making Hotel reservations, asking for directions, using Public transportation, ordering food, shopping, reporting an accident, and other relevant phrases. This programme at Langma School of Languages is highly intensive and the purpose of it is to offer a basic understanding of commonly used expressions.

This programme at Langma School of Languages is designed for those traveling to India or Hindi-speaking countries, or those who are looking for a basic understanding of the Hindi language. The programme at Langma School of Languages will emphasize common phrases and travel vocabulary; however, will also cover many basics of the Hindi language. This programme would help to make you learn the basic of the language like how to ask for directions, navigate your transportation options, rent a car, avoid danger, and enjoy your local shopping and dining during your stay. It is an introductory programme and it will help you find links to other programme so you can further your studies in the Hindi language. Travelers usually can find themselves in precarious situations if they are unable to read the signs. Some signs are placed to warn people of danger whilst others simply draw your attention to a simple fact (like the museum is closed or the toilet is out of service). Before the travel, the tourist must know these simple words and phrases that are found to ensure their trip goes a little smoother.


4 weeks (3hours/session)
Every Monday
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
Any age group


After completion of this course, Students will be able to

 Langma School of Languages’ programme considers grammar only in spoken terms, there will be no formal grammar lessons, rather we promote and encourage free expression and learning from experience, context, and situational norms.

  Langma School of Languages’ experience has taught us that to be effective, training must be interactive. Skills are learned by doing, they are not learned by only listening to lectures or tapes or by reading books and magazines.

 Our sessions are based on giving opportunities for students to listen to spoken Hindi, and to be able to respond in Hindi, as well as acquire pronunciation and formal language skills.

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