Hindi for Attache

Langma School of Languages Hindi for Attaché programme is designed for diplomats working or wishing to work in India where effective and unambiguous communication is essential to securing and maintaining successful diplomatic relations. Particularly in diplomatic and public service professions, the ability to contribute to debates, meetings, and be persuasive to your point of view in Hindi, is an essential tool. The programme at Langma School of Languages is aimed at diplomats, government representatives, members of parliament and civil servants with deeper understanding of the language, which is the key skill to excel in these roles.

Irrespective of your diplomatic role or field, it is enough to speak Hindi well. In order to establish the highest diplomatic level, the ability to comprehend the subtleties and nuances of the Hindi language and deliver with confidence is paramount. Langma School of Languages holds years of experience of training governments and international institutions working at all levels and with all ranks of diplomatic personnel. Our global presence makes us uniquely place to be your local, national, and international training partner for Hindi. Langma School of Languages is the world’s leading providers of Hindi for Attaché programme.

The programme at Langma School of Languages is aimed to benefit and help you attain a greater diplomacy skill in spoken and written language, more professional representation of your country, and greater command in your selection of words. The programme is well-suited for diplomatic personnel, government employees and international agency staff who work in international diplomacy, while frequently using Hindi for communication. The actual programme is tailored and will be determined with respect to your competency and requirements. However, the core elements of the programme are: Spoken Hindi: intonation, register, and style, public speaking, presentation skills, and formal writing skills (if required).


(2 hours/session)
Beginners (Level 1)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 delegates


 Recognise the style of communication most frequently used to present the information in business situations. Use the linear style of communication when expressing ideas in Hindi language, talk about projects in Hindi, and discuss uncomfortable ideas and issues in Hindi.

 Langma School of Languages offers a variety of formats for our Hindi for Attaché programmes ranging from intensive to extensive. Appropriate module will be discussed during your diagnostic consultancy and assessment.

 Teachers at Langma School of Languages are native speakers with at least 5 years of professional Hindi for Attaché training experience. In addition to relevant academic and linguistic qualifications, our teachers also possess considerable exposure and expertise in the professional world.