Teaching Hindi As A Foreign Language

Teaching Hindi as a Foreign Language programme at Langma School of Languages is a course that assists non-native speakers to become Hindi language teachers. Langma School of Languages is an ECL preparation and exam center. Teachers who are passionate about the prospects of exploring new countries, cultures, and adventures, your search is over! We are ready to turn your teaching dreams into a reality.

The programme offered at Langma School of Languages is a special training for non-native teachers of the Hindi language. The programme provides an opportunity to update your language skills and help you to develop varied teaching methods that you can successfully implement in their classroom. The programme is innovative and based on extra-curricular activities which promote an extensive approach to an integrated learning experience. Since languages are continuously changing and evolving. Langma School of Languages materials and syllabus are updated at regular intervals to make it up-to-date. Langma School of Languages offers a pragmatic way of teaching the language and you can experience that you are standing in the shoes of a student and learning the language from their perspective. Moreover, one can experience the modern and dynamic teaching methods of our teachers.


(5 hours/session)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 6 delegates

What makes our programme different?


We have years of expertise in training people to become fully-qualified Hindi language teachers. We have a team of qualified, certified, and experienced teachers. To know more about our programme contact us!

Our success story

We have trained thousands of teachers who now work in renowned organizations or institutions all over the world. Some of our trained teachers work with us.

The requirement

You do not need to have any prior teaching experience, or still be at university or be a native speaker to pursue the Teacher Training Programme. This extensive programme is specially designed for those who wish to achieve mastery in the field of teaching the Hindi language and it would include how to teach General Hindi, Hindi for professionals, & Exam Preparation. All you need to have is a dedication to learning and an advanced level of knowledge of Hindi language.

Quality and Value

We know there are lots of teacher training courses to choose from. However, we are confident that our programme would help you to acquire an international recognized certificate and offer the best combination of value and quality.

The success of previous teachers is a living testament to the effectiveness of this programme. Furthermore, we at Langma School of Languages have such confidence in its quality that we are prepared to guarantee a work placement at language schools to every teacher who completes our certification.

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