English for Everyone

English for Everyone programme at Langma School of Languages is aimed at people of the varied profession (Super-Market Clerks, Carpenter, Electrician, Technician, Shopkeepers, Security Guards, Beauticians, Chauffeurs and many more. In response to and motivated by its achievements Langma School of Languages has commenced a dedicated programme for unskilled professionals who wish to enhance their communication skills. Using its vast knowledge gleaned from various programme, Langma School of Languages offers an interactive and motivational programme of skills training with the aim of improving the English communication skills.

The programme is delivered by a team of highly qualified teachers with added assistance from visiting lecturers and educationalists. Teaching English is developing at an astounding rate. Teaching methodologies like Langma School of Languages’ Audio/Video – cum – interactive method, the use of audiovisual teaching aids and the use of the media and entertainment world are all sources of educational input. Existing practices are reviewed at a regular interval to generate enthusiasm in the programme.

The programme is based on interactions like describing people, location and things, stating preference and opinion, talking about obligations, reporting request and order, talking about possibility/probability/certainty, describing faulty items, refusing, applying for a job, giving or justifying opinions, talking about intentions, describing experiences, making a comparison, describing and buying things, and talking about rules and regulations.


(2 hours/session)
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students
Any age group


 Improved language skills

 Personal development and lifestyle enhancement

 Confidence building

 The enhanced image both personally and in society

 Improved abilities and positive work ethics


 Overall personal growth and positive work ethics

 Enhanced work capabilities