Creative Writing

The creative writing programme at Langma School of Languages offers a firm foothold in the fundamentals of writing skills. At Langma School of Languages, our team of professionals will help develop the confidence to write creatively. The fundamental skill in any working environment is to write clearly and precisely. It is essential that good quality writing must convey messages clearly and reflects on the organisation whether in reports, legal & ethical issues, promotional materials or blogs. The programme also includes blogging and offers in-depth knowledge, how one can make their travel blog evocative, kindle one’s creativity to build a sense of place, and influence your audience through it; moreover, you will learn how to compose an impressive copy for the most popular mediums like websites, emails, social media, blogs, promotional information, & brochures.

The programme is delivered both classroom and the online training will instil inspiration to make your sessions lively and engaging. The programme is highly practical and covers varied genres and broader context like pitching ideas, reviewing, social networking, and exploring outlets. Students will be asked to share their work with the teacher as well as with the group and give and receive feedback in class. Langma’s programme includes wide-ranging content integrating facts and accessing creativity, interviewing and reporting. Topics and subject can be chosen, e.g. writing a travel blog, food, developing website content. The course is suitable for anyone who is responsible for developing online content for their organisation irrespective of their professional background. Students will acquire various genres of writing and how to tailor their work for a diverse audience, improving their writing skills and confidence. The content for business professionals is tailored according to their need since their job involves writing corporate documents. Topics covered for business professionals: writing marketing texts, mission statement, press releases, USPs and corporate documents for external, in-house web and blog use, conduct interviews, proofreading, edit documents, write for the digital market, and write speeches.

Please note this programme is only for those who can speak English fluently or work within a business environment. The programme is not suitable for the novice who wishes to improve their English.


(4 hours/session)
Prerequisite Knowledge
Class timings
IST (International Standard Timings)
Class size
Maximum 10 students


 The programme gives you inspiration for writing and offers an insight into the use of different narrative voices and points of view.

 The programme is designed to make your writing lucid and vivid. One can assess, revise and edit their work

 The programme is aimed to improve your writing to suit different online platforms because writing for the web is different from other media.

 The course offers detailed information about the importance of content writing to promote the organisation, writing techniques, SEO, proofing, social media, and etc.

 The course at Langma School of Languages is designed to help professionals; legal and ethical issues (basic information such as contempt, privacy, defamation, copyright, & etc) and journalism codes of conduct.